Wyoming Valley Field Champion Trial
May 26, 2021 - Wyoming Valley, Gunlock Creek, PA

Results provided by Field Trial Secretary, Mike Spece.

Wyoming Valley opened with 13 Field Champion Males under Kevin and Sonny Price and 18 Females under Bryan Frye and Jerry Houck.  An auction was held in the morning on the dogs and Aja Happel was the conductor and was assisted by Alfie Williams.  We thank everyone who came and contributed to the Northeastern.

We thank Purina for feeding the trial.

We thank our marshals, Dale Pliscott and Doug Lesight, brush beaters, path watchers and cart drivers for getting the hounds to the field.  We thank everyone for their support, patience and understanding.

We really thank our last minute kitchen crew for stepping up and doing breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You did a fabulous job!  We thank the Wyoming Valley Membership for getting everything ready for the trial and Northeastern.

Male 2nd Series was as follows:

1st Brace-Old Friends Barlow and Bare Down Slim Jim 

2nd Brace-Close Line Lover Boy and Sun-Dell Sasquatch 

3rd Brace-K-Mac Darby and Play Time Speedy Gonzales 

Female 2nd Series 

1st Brace-Steeler Town Lizzo and D&D Cotton Hill Cameo 

2nd Brace-Grass Lake Trouble and Highland Daisy Jane 

3rd Brace-Tri-Hill's Short Tail and Chug-A-Long Tootsie 

The ABBA/PURINA Field Champion Award Winner is Coyote Run Cozy Joe, Owners Fred Eurick and Don Hilner.   I am sure Don was looking down and was all smiles and so very proud.   Hi-Point Shadow was breathing down his neck.

Congratulations to all the Winners and Placed Hounds!

Old Friends Barlow,Robert Hinkle; Bare Down Slim Jim,Bob Coil; Close Line Lover Boy,Cliff Hall; Sun-Dell Sasquatch, Alfie Williams; K-Mac Darby,Tom McCullough; Play Time Speedy Gonzales

Male Winner Close Line Lover Boy

Steeler Town Lizzo,Aja Happel; D&D Cotton Hill Cameo, Dennis Langevin; Grass Lake Trouble,L.A.Williams; Highland Daisy Jane,Tom Rombold; Tri-Hill's Short Tail,Fred Eurick; Chug-A-Long Tootsie,Mike Spece

Female Winner Steeler Town Lizzo

ABBA/Purina Field Champion Winner Coyote Run Cozy Joe, Owners, Fred Eurick and Don Hilner

Sanctioned Combined Males

Entries:13 Judges:Kevin and Sonny Price Starters:13
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Close Line Lover Boy N/A N/A Bryan Frye and Cliff Hall N/A Cliff Hall
2nd Old Friends Barlow N/A N/A Joe Arditi and Robert Hinkle N/A Robert Hinkle
3rd Bare Down Slim Jim N/A N/A Bob and Lynette Coil N/A Owner
4th Sun-Dell Sasquatch N/A N/A Alfie Williams N/A Owner
5th K-Mac Darby N/A N/A Tom McCullough N/A Owner

Sanctioned Combined Females

Entries:18 Judges:Bryan Frye and Jerry Houck Starters:18
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Steeler Town Lizzo N/A N/A Aja and Rhett Happel N/A Aja Happel
2nd D&D Cotton Hill Cameo N/A N/A D.Langevin/W.E.Price/A.Moskaluk N/A Dennis Langevin
3rd Tri-Hill's Short Tail N/A N/A Fred&Karen Eurick N/A Fred Eurick
4th Chug-A-Long Tootsie N/A N/A Leo Shannon and Mike Spece N/A Mike Spece
5th Grass Lake Trouble N/A N/A Danny and Larry Williams and Rob Dillon N/A Larry Williams

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