Salem Beagle Club's Licensed Trial
May 20, 2021 - Salem Beagle Club, Derry, PA

We had a good turnout at Salem for our first licensed trial of the season. The weather was beautiful and hot the first two days, cool the third day, and again hot the last day.

We wish to thank our judges and substitute judges who were kind enough to fill in when they were needed. We thank handlers, Bob and Lynette Coil and Rob Stewart, for bringing dogs. Thank you to everyone who put in entries and those who came out to eat. We try to make sure everyone feels welcome and at home here. Thank you to our shaggers, marshals, cart drivers, and path watchers. Thank you to John Pennington and Randy McClellan for keeping the bunnies fed and making sure the grounds are well taken care of. Thank you to Jim Gretz and Doc Rudman for making breakfast every day, and Carol Urban and Irma Pennington for the lunches and desserts.

Our next trial is in September and will be advertised in Brace Beagling Today magazine. Come see us.

15 Inch Male Class Winner, Sun-Dell Scarecrow with his owner, Alfie Williams.

13 Inch Female Class Winner, Brushwood Fancy Girl, finished for her Field Champion title. Posed by owner/handler Marty Danilchak.

15 Inch Female Class Winner, Johnny B Black Beauty, finished for her Field Championship. She is pictured with owner/handler Gary Bushmire.

New Field Champion Bare Down Beef Jerky finished at Salem. He's owned and handled by Scott Lynch.

13" Licensed Males

Entries:16 Judges:Gary Bushmire & Rob Stewart Starters:16
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Bare Down Dillinger Carolina Mr. Dillon Cold Stream Red Lady Scott Lynch N/A Owner
2nd FC Bare Down Beef Jerky Nottingham General Patton Char-Line Lady Ranger Scott Lynch N/A Owner
3rd Black Hill Jimi Turtle Creek Dr. Einstein Run-A-Bunny Adaline John Pennington N/A Owner
4th Sun-Dell Shady Business Steeler Town Spartacus Steeler Town Boomin Business A.J. Williams N/A Owner
5th Twin Eagle Samson Bub's Speckle Hawk Dolan's Starz Randy McClellan N/A Owner

15" Licensed Males

Entries:13 Judges:Scott Lynch & John Pennington Starters:13
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Sun-Dell Scarecrow Steeler Town Spartacus Steeler Town Boomin Business A.J. Williams N/A Owner
2nd Old Friends Happy Jack Old Friends Mr. Tee Cana Ridge Liberty Joe Arditi & Robert Hinkle N/A Owners
3rd Twin Eagle Justin Bub's Speckle Hawk Dolan's Suzanne Randy McClellan N/A Owner
4th K-Mac Last Chance Close Call Chaplin Halley's Jessica Thomas McCullough N/A Owner
5th Sun-Dell Big Business Steeler Town Spartacus Steeler Town Boomin Business A.J. Williams N/A Owner

13" Licensed Females

Entries:17 Judges:Dave Kerr, Jr. & Scott Lynch Starters:17
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st FC Brushwood Fancy Girl Brushwood Razor Johnny B Sarah Lee II Martin Danilchak N/A Owner
2nd Turtle Creek Classy Turtle Creek Dr. Einstein Tim Tam Tidy Gerald Elliott & Preston Greenwalt N/A Owners
3rd Del-Bay Sweet Jazz Bare Down Slim Jim Tim Tam Tekla Gerald Elliott N/A Preston Greenwalt
4th Spring Creek Lexus II Steeler Town Spartacus Bee Lick Lizzie Preston Greenwalt & Randy McClellan N/A Owners
5th Halley's Betty Ann Close Call Chaplin Halley's Sarah Jim Halley N/A Lynette Coil

15" Licensed Females

Entries:25 Judges:Scott Lynch & John Pennington Starters:25
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st FC Johnny B Black Beauty Johnny B Troublemaker Johnny B Cover Girl II Gary Bushmire N/A Owner
2nd Halley's Stacey II Close Call Chaplin Halley's Charmer Jim Halley N/A Bob & Lynette Coil
3rd Saltsprings Sweet Bell Brushwood Day Day Sunrise Southern Bell Bob Connell & Harvey Goodman N/A Rob Stewart
4th B.K. Royal Line Greda Lewis Carolina Simply Red Astrology Run Sable Ken & Bonnie Dworek N/A Owners
5th B.K. Royal Line Loyal Johnny B Gamemaker Arapahoe Storm Cloud Ken Dworek N/A Owner

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