Kiski Township License Trial
May 09, 2021 - Kiski Township Beagle Club, Carrolltown, Pa.

Results provide3d by David Kerr, Jr. and posted by Richard Baumann

15" Licensed Females

Entries:19 Judges:Denny Palko and Robert Brandemuehl Starters:19
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Plum Grove Diggy Liggy Lo Riteway Black Powder Plum Grove Lucille Jim Garard N/A Owner
2nd Tri-Hill's Talicia's Tot Coyote Run Cozy Joe Tri-Hill's Talicia Fred & Karen Eurick N/A Fred Eurick
3rd L-N-L Lady BK Royal Line Boone BK Royal Line Juda II Chris Alexander N/A Owner
4th Halley's Betty Ann Close Call Chaplin Halley's Sarah Jim Halley N/A Fred Eurick
5th Scotch Hill Tina B Tilley's Little Timmy Scotch Hill Eliza Wayne Koelch N/A Owner

15" Licensed Males

Entries:11 Judges:Jim Garard and Denny Palko Starters:11
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Old Friends Proctor Old Friends Mr. Tee Cafe Creek Cameo Beth Alexander N/A Larn Alexander
2nd B&W Joseph Close Call Chaplin Plum Grove Sherry Lynn Robert Brandemuehl N/A Owner
3rd Pony's Boy's Black Scorpion Lewis' Carolina Simply Red Pony's Boy's Black Fancy Melvin Work, Jerry & Mike Geliot N/A Fred Eurick
4th Tri-Hill's Trike Coyote Run Cozy Joe Tri-Hill's Talicia Karen Eurick & Cliff Hall N/A Fred Eurick
5th L-N-L Twix Cotton Hill Ben-Hur Scotch Hill Noodles Chris Alexander N/A Owner

13" Licensed Males

Entries:14 Judges:Jim Garard and Ray Tomaszewski Starters:14
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Turtle Creek Twin Eagle Shazam Steeler Town Spartacus Riteway Lily R. McClellan, P. Greenwalt, S. Lynch N/A Randy McClellan
2nd Twin Eagle Little Ben Twin Eagle Gentle Ben Dolan's Sheryl Randy McClellan N/A Owner
3rd Bare Down Beef Jerky Nottingham General Patton Char-Line Lady Ranger Scott Lynch N/A Owner
4th Turtle Creek Twin Eagle Little Shot Tanglewood Little Big Shot Dix River Renee Randy McClellan N/A Owner
5th Twin Eagle Cherokee BK Royal Line Boone Red Oaks Bella Randy McClellan N/A Owner

13" Licensed Females

Entries:10 Judges:Jim Garard and Robert Brandemuehl Starters:10
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Raisin River Sugar Girl Cotton Hill Ben-Hur Settle Line Sugar Time Don Quinn & John Hill N/A Rob Stewart
2nd Del-Hart Shay Close Call Chaplin Del-Hart Sunny Star Robert Hartman N/A Rob Stewart
3rd Wood Fork Clair Close Call Chaplin Wood Fork Camry O. C. Greenwood, Jr. N/A Owner
4th Del-Hart Stevie Sourland Mt. War Eagle Del-Hart Sunny Star Robert Hartman N/A Rob Stewart
5th Ruppe's Alaxie Bub's A&P Dolittle Sunshine Addy Bob Connell & Mike Welch N/A Rob Stewart

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