lBF Futurity Results
May 14, 2021 - Coraopolis, Clinton, Pennsylvania

Results provided by Secretary/Treasurer, Doc Rudman.

We opened with 12 13" Females under Bob Hartman and Jerry Gileot and 18 15" Females under Judges Jeff Carey and Jim Garard. We thank John, Jerry, Wayne and Larry for filling in for Max Scott who had to cancel.   We closed with 12 15" Males under Judges Jim Garard and Bob Hartman and 12 13" Males under Judges Jeff Carey and Larry Williams for a total of 54 hounds.

We thank Doby Gray and her crew for the meals and all they do to get ready. It was nice to see Steve and Elsie Gass and appreciate all of Elsie's help throughout the trial.

We thank Purina for feeding the trial.

We thank our marshals, Gary Bushmire, Tom Rombold and Jim Watson for marshalling the classes. We thank our tractor drivers, Tom Rombold, John Sleasman,  Gary Bushmire, path watchers, brush beaters, cart drivers for keeping the trial running smoothly. 

13" Female 2nd Series 

1st Brace-Tri-Hill's Talicia's Got and B-Line Sarah Teapot 

2nd Brace-Johnny B Black Beauty and Barren Run Lady Velvet 

3rd Brace-Plum Grove Snickerdoodle and Paycheck Diamond Lil 

15" Females 2nd Series 

1st Brace-Barren Run Puddin Pop and Sunshine Audrey 

2nd Brace-Browns Hill Pepper and Astrology Run Bonnie 

3rd Brace-Ruppe's Alaxie and Halley's Betty Ann 

15" Males 

1st Brace-Sun-Dell Peanut and Close Call Colonel III 

2nd Brace-Sun Dell Ranger and B & W Joshua 

Scranton's Wyatt and K-Mac Darby 

13" Males 

1st Brace-Sun Dell Shady Business and Gillum's Courtyard Sparky 

2nd Brace-Cain Run Country Boy and Sun-Dell Scarecrow 

Close Line Lover Boy and Twin Eagle Justin

Congratulations to all the Winners and Placed hounds! Have a safe trip home.

15" Female Winner, Barren Run Puddin Pop

13" Female Winner Tri-Hill's Talicia's Tot

15" Male Winner Sun-Dell Peanut

13" Male Winner Sun-Dell Shady Business

15" Futurity Females

Entries:18 Judges:Jeff Carey and Jim Garard Starters:18
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Barren Run Puddin Pop N/A N/A Raymond Brantner N/A Owner
2nd Sunshine Audrey N/A N/A J.A. Proctor N/A Bob and Lynette Coil
3rd Brown's Hill Pepper N/A N/A J and B Edwards N/A Owner
4th Astrology Run Bonnie N/A N/A R and B Bickerstaff N/A Randy Bickerstaff
5th Halley's Betty Ann N/A N/A Jim Halley N/A Owner

13" Futurity Females

Entries:12 Judges:Jim Garard and Jeff Carey Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Tri-Hill's Talicia's Tot N/A N/A Fred and Karen Eurick N/A Fred Eurick
2nd B-Line Sarah Teapot N/A N/A Jessie Foster N/A Owner
3rd Johnny B Black Beauty N/A N/A Gary Bushmire N/A Owner
4th Barren Run Lady Velvet N/A N/A Raymond Brantner N/A Owner
5th Plum Grove Snickerdoodle Raymond Brantner N/A N/A Jim Garard N/A N/A

15" Futurity Males

Entries:12 Judges:Jim Garard and Bob Hartman Starters:12
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Sun-Dell Peanut N/A N/A Alfie Williams and Mike Zimmerman N/A Mike Zimmerman Close Call Colonel II
2nd Close Call Colonel II N/A N/A John Johnson and Russ Arend N/A Bob and Lynette Coil
3rd K-Mac Darby N/A N/A Tom Mccullough N/A Owner
4th Sun-Dell Ranger N/A N/A A J. Williams and L.A. Williams N/A Alfie Williams
5th B & W Joshua N/A N/A Bob Brandemuehl and Fred Weiss N/A Bob Brandemuehl

13" Futurity Males

Entries:12 Judges:Jeff Carey and Larry Williams Starters:12
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Sun-Dell Shady Business N/A N/A Alfie Williams N/A Owner
2nd Gillums Courtyard Sparky N/A N/A Mike Slates N/A Owner
3rd Close Line Lover Boy N/A N/A Cliff Hall N/A Owner
4th Twin Eagle Justin N/A N/A Randy Mcclellan N/A Owner
5th Cain Run Country Boy N/A N/A Robert L and Travis L Cain N/A Bob and Lynette Coil

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