Mid Dixie Derby License Federation Trial
April 13, 2021 - Catawba County, Maiden, NC

Results provided by Field Trial Secretary, Dwight Miller and Secretary/Treasurer, Curtis Griffith for all his hard work this past year.

The Mid Dixie opened with 16 13" Derby Males under judges Twiggy Welch and Ben Smith and 19 13" Female Derbies under Dave Kerr and Bill Wein.  The classes finished and then they came in for lunch. We closed with 17 13" Males under Twiggy Welch and Jewel Francisco  and 18 15" Females under Dave Kerr and Bill Wein for a total of 70 derbies.

We thank our marshals, Chuck Poczik and Buddy Clark on the Males and Marty Parker on the Females.  We thank Marty for two days.  We thank our brush beaters, cart drivers and path watchers for keeping the trial running smoothly. We really appreciate all those that stepped in and helped.  We thank Ernest Williams for doing breakfast and Box Car Catering doing lunch.  We thank everyone who came and supported the Mid Dixie and hope you have a safe trip home.

We thank Randy McClellan of Brace Beagling Today for covering the trial.

13" Male 2nd Series

1st Brace-Play Time Little Warrior and Triple R Hondo

2nd Brace-Brushy Fork Machinist and Turtle Creek Twin Eagle Samurai

3rd Brace-Dix River Rambo and English Lake Johnny Cash

Dix River Rambo is the Winner

13" Female 2nd Series

1st Brace-Sunshine Kaylee and Char-Line Leta Marie

2nd Brace-Cold Stream Cover Girl and Old Style Gabby

3rd Brace-Barren Run Eva Diva and Triple R Sunrise Miss Bell

4th Brace-Sunshine Chimie and Grass Lake Rebel

Sunshine Kaylee is the Winner 

15" Male 2nd Series 

1st Brace-Bell Road Paleface and Play Time Brown Bomber 

2nd Brace-Play Time Speedy Gonzales and Up The Creek Red Ryder 

3rd Brace-Tanglewood Triple Play and Settle Line Mick 

Play Time Speedy Gonzales won the class 

15" Female 2nd Series 

1st Brace-Bee Lick Jade and Dix River Carla 

2nd Brace-Dix River Lolita and Grass Lake Country Rose 

3rd Brace-Char-Line Mary Ann and Ruppes Stylish 

4th Brace-Mark-A-Way Hi Hope and Amity Hill Silly Lilly

Dix River Lolita is the Winner

After the completion of the Derby Class, the Mid Dixie held their annual meeting.  The 2022 Judges are Marty Parker, Gary Bushmire, Travis Cain and Jennings Ford. 

Congratulations to all the Winners and Placed hounds!  Have a Safe Trip home and come back and see us next year!

13" Male Winner, Dix River Rambo

13" Female Winner, Sunshine Kaylee

15" Male Winner Play Time Speedy Gonzales

15" Female Winner Dix River Lolita

13" Licensed Males

Entries:16 Judges:Twiggy Welch and Ben Smith Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Dix River Rambo Steeler Town Spartacus Dix River Sugars Gary Jones & Todd Zimmerman Gary Jones Todd Zimmerman
2nd Play Time Little Warrior Sourland Mt. War Eagle Shoreboy's Sugaree Bryan Frye and Wayne Potts Paul Davis Bryan Frye
3rd Triple R Hondo Close Call Chinook Trout Cutie Tom Rombold Gary Trout Robert Hinkle
4th English Lake Johnny Cash Steeler Town Spartacus Dix River Little Darlin J.Johnson/R.Arend/D.Fortkamp Gary Jones John Johnson
5th Brushy Fork Machinist Johnny B Gamemaker Arapahoe Storm Cloud Richard E Baumann Dale Pliscott Owner

13" Licensed Females

Entries:19 Judges:Dave Kerr and Bill Wein Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Sunshine Kaylee Lewis Carolina Simply Red Sunshine Kelsey J.A. Proctor J.A. Proctor Owner
2nd Sunshine Chimie Sunshine Lonesome Sam Sunshine Charmene J.A. Proctor J.A. Proctor & Fred Kalsow Owner
3rd Grass Lake Rebel Steeler Town Spartacus Hi-Point Shadow Danny & Larry Williams Same Owner
4th Char-Line Leta Marie Nottingham Black Ice Carhart's Lady Cybil Bob and Lynette Coil Bob Coil & Ewing Carhart Owner
5th Barren Run Eva Diva Tanglewood Rocky Barren Run Eva Pilgrim Raymond Brantner Raymond Brantner/Bob Connell Owner

15" Licensed Males

Entries:17 Judges:Twiggy Welch and Jewel Francisco Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Play Time Speedy Gonzales Little Ease Pretty Boy Floyd Barren Run Eva Marie Bryan Frye Raymond Brantner &Bob Connell Owner
2nd Up The Creek Red Ryder Tanglewood Rusty II Settle Line Sugar Time Thomas P and Jan H Robertson John Edwards Jr Owner
3rd Tanglewood Triple Play Settle Line Jerre Lee II Cotton Hill Raelynn R.Arend/J. Edwards Jr/T.Couch Dennis Langevin&Sonny Price Russ Arend
4th Settle Line Mick Settle Line Jerre Lee II Cotton Hill Raelynn R.Arend/J.Edwards/T.Couch Dennis Langevin and Sonny Price Russ Arend
5th Bell Road Paleface Bub's A & P Dolittle Bell Road Patience Paul Smith Paul Smith Owner

15" Licensed Females

Entries:18 Judges:Dave Kerr and Bill Wein Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Dix River Lolita Steeler Town Spartacus Dix River Lola Gary Jones Gary Jones Owner
2nd Char-Line Mary Ann Nottingham Black Ice Carharts Lady Cybil Bob and Lynette Coil Bob Coil Bob and Lynette Coil
3rd Mark-A-Way Hi Hope Close Call Crisp Mark-A-Way Miss Black Wayne Plemmons Wayne Plemmons Owner
4th Grass Lake Country Rose Close Call Country Boy III Grass Lake Cherry Larry and Danny Williams Larry and Danny Williams/Rob Dillon Larry Williams
5th Ruppes Stylish Johnny B Troublemaker Mon Valley Emme's Lilly Jack C Ruppe Tim Beck&Emme Travelena Owner

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