Mid Dixie Futurity Trial
April 11, 2021 - Catawba County, Maiden, NC

Results provided by Field Trial Secretary, Dwight Miller and we thank Secretary/Treasurer, Curtis Griffith for all his help and work in the past year.

We opened with 14 13" Females under judges Bill Wein and John Edwards and 18 13" Males under judges Dave Kerr and Twiggy Welch.  We closed with 14 15" Females under judges Bill Wein and Ben Smith and 13 15" Males under judges Dave Kerr and Twiggy Welch for a total of 59 futurities.

We thank Purina for feeding the trial.

We thank Ernest Williams for doing breakfast and Box Car Catering for doing lunch every day.  We thank our marshals Larry Williams and Tom Rombold for doing the 13" classes and Jennings Ford and Aja Happel for doing the 15" classes.  We thank our brush beaters, path watchers and cart drivers for keeping the trial running smoothly.  We thank everyone who brought items for the auction and all those who participated.  Junior Williams, Jennings Ford and Paul Davis did the auction today and a Board of Directors Meeting was held after the trial.

Russ Arend and Sonny Price presented the ABBA Awards for Producing Dams, Sire, and Breeder Awards at Lunch.  Buddy Clark received the Breeder Award; Raymond Brantner received Producing Sire Award for Close Call Colt Forty Five and 2 Producing Dam Awards; Bun-E-Line Flame and Bun-E-Line Billie Jean; John Edwards for Producing Dam Settle Line Sugar Time; John Johnson for Cisco's Red Gold; Bob Coil for Char-Line Lady Ranger; Sonny Price and Dennis Langevin for Cotton Hill Miss Sherry; Rob Stewart for Highland Little Jeanie.  Congratulations and great job!

13" Male 2nd Series

1st Brace-Music Rock and Cain Run Country Boy

2nd Brace-Close Line Lover Boy and Play Time Slick Billy

3rd Brace-Close Call Code Lemon and Bub's Singing Sam

4th Brace-Sun-Dell Scarecrow and Twin Eagle Cherokee

Music Rock was the Winner 

13" Female 2nd Series

1st Brace-Cold Stream Lady Dillon and Del-Hart Stevie

2nd Brace-Bee Lick Bad Business and Steeler Town Lizzo

3rd Brace-Steeler Town Panda and Barren Run Lady Velvet

Cold Stream Lady Dillon was the Winner

15" Female 2nd Series

1st Brace-Sunshine Audrey and Cold Stream Cora

2nd Brace-D&D Cotton Hill Jewelene and Spece's Sorrowful Riley

3rd Brace-Ruppe's Alaxie and Grass Lake Trouble

Sunshine Audrey was the Winner

15" Male 2nd Series

1st Brace-Tri-Hill's Trike and Play Time Sir Barks Alot

2nd Brace-Close Call Colonel II and B & W Jacob

3rd Brace-Sun-Dell Peanut and B & D Super Tanker

Close Call Colonel was the Winner.

We thank Randy McClellan of Brace Beagling Today for covering the trial.  He has had some bumps in the road, but he came and we appreciate all he does for us.

13" Male Music Rock

13" Female Cold Stream Lady Dillon

15" Female Sunshine Audrey

15" Male Winner Close Call Colonel II

13" Futurity Males

Entries:18 Judges:Dave Kerr and Twiggy Welch Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Music Rock Music Master Bushwhacker Black Satin Russ Arend and John Johnson N/A Russ Arend
2nd Cain Run Country Boy Close Call Country Boy Cold Hill Sweet Plum Robert&Travis Cain/Russ Arend N/A Travis Cain
3rd Close Line Lover Boy Carolina Mr Dillon Barren Run Eva Pilgrim Cliff Hall and Bryan Frye N/A Cliff Hall
4th Play Time Slick Billy Nottingham Slick Willie Tri-Hill's Talicia Bryan Frye N/A Bryan Frye
5th Sun Dell Scarecrow Steeler Town Spartacus Steeler Town Boomin Business Alfie Williams N/A Alfie Williams

13" Futurity Females

Entries:14 Judges:Bill Wein and John Edwards Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Cold Stream Lady Dillon Carolina Mr Dillon Cold Stream Red Lady Bob Connell and Mike Welch N/A Bryan Frye
2nd Del-Hart Stevie Sourland Mt War Eagle Del-Hart Sunny Star Robert Hartman N/A Rob Stewart
3rd Bee Lick Bad Business Steeler Town Spartacus Steeler Town Boomin Business Randy McClellan&Preston Greenwalt N/A Preston Greenwalt
4th Steeler Town Lizzo Steeler Town Spartacus Bee Lick Lizzie L.A. Williams and Aja Happel N/A Aja Happel
5th Steeler Town Panda Steeler Town Spartacus Bee Lick Bamboo Bob Connell and Mike Welch N/A Fred and Karen Eurick

15" Futurity Females

Entries:14 Judges:Ben Smith and Bill Wein Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Sunshine Audrey Lewis Carolina Simply Red Sunshine Ashlynn J.A. Proctor N/A Owner
2nd Cold Stream Cora Little Ease Pretty Boy Floyd Dix River Mega Pixel Bryan Frye & Bob Connell N/A Bryan Frye
3rd Spece's Sorrowful Riley Sourland Mt War Eagle Tri-Hill's Tetley Michael&Dominic Spece N/A Karen and Fred Eurick
4th Ruppe's Alaxie Bub's A & P Dolittle Sunshine Addy Jack Ruppe N/A J.A.Proctor
5th Grass Lake Trouble Johnny B Troublemaker Grass Lake Bonnie Larry&Danny Williams/Rob Dillon N/A Larry Williams

15" Futurity Males

Entries:13 Judges:Dave Kerr and Twiggy Welch Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Close Call Colonel II English Lake Tiny Mon Valley Bryars Lil Russ Arend & John Johnson N/A Russ Arend
2nd Sun-Dell Peanut Steeler Town Spartacus Cana Ridge Copper A.J. Williams/Mike Zimmerman N/A Mike Zimmerman
3rd B & D's Super Tanker R and R McGuyver Grass Lake Cherry Danny Crawford and Lloyd Potts N/A Bob and Lynette Coil
4th Play Time Sir Barks Alot R and R McGuyver Bud-D-Line Stardust John Johnson/Russ Arend N/A John Johnson
5th Tri-Hill's Trike Coyote Run Cozy Joe Tri-Hill's Talicia Karen Eurick & Cliff Hall N/A Karen & Fred Eurick

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