Seven Hills Licensed Brace Trial
Feb. 13, 2021 - Seven Hills Beagle Club, Roberta, Georgia

Results provided by Patrick Moore, Secretary

The Seven Hills & Pensacola "Double-Header" Licensed Trials were held February 3-6, 2021 at the Middle Georgia Beagle Club Grounds in Roberta, Ga.

We had a total of 64 combined entries . We had nice cold mornings followed by cool daytime temps. A rain shower met us for Friday morning but was gone by Lunchtime. Rabbits came easily & we finished each day in good time.

We would like to thank Ron Burdett for replacing Bill Wein, whose Wife is having some health issues. We pray that she is much better soon. Thanks to everyone that came to run dogs & beat the brush with us - We could not do it without all of you. Several of our "regulars" were unable to be with us at this event and we look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Congratulations go out to Owner / Handler Greg " Peanut" Feltman, on finishing FCB Steeler Town Risky Business by winning the 13" Female class at Seven Hills. "Risky" just needed 5 points and she went out in style by winning the Class. She is Sired by FCB Steeler Town Spartacus  and out of FCB Steeler Town Boomin' Business. 

The Hounds were fed by Purina.

Our next event will be the last one before Fall. Middle Georgia & Atlanta March 3-6, 2021. We hope to see you then.

13" Licensed Males

Entries:10 Judges:Ron Burdett & Sonny Price Starters:10
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Wind River Stinger FCB Ocean State Inertia Camel City Annie Joseph Bowser & Russ Arend Martin Danilchak Russ Arend
2nd Settle Line Jack FCB Bub's A&P Dolittle FCB Chandler Hill Lonely Teardrop John Edwards & Russ Arend John Hill & Don Quinn Russ Arend
3rd Cain Run Country Boy FCB Close Call Country Boy III FCB Cold Hill Sweet Plum Travis & Robert Cain, Russ Arend John Updike Russ Arend
4th Bub's Singing Sam FCB Sunshine Lonesome Sam FCB Sunshine Southern Comfort Russ Arend, James Alley, John Johnson Pete Proctor & Thurston Burnette Russ Arend
5th Up The Creek Prince Valiant FCB Up The Creek Big Easy Walking Tall Bessie Pat & Jan Robertson, Russ Arend Pat & Jan Robertson Pat Moore

15" Licensed Males

Entries:10 Judges:Ron Burdett & Lou Amory Starters:10
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Close Call Colonel II FCB English Lake Tiny FCB Mon Valley Bryar's LiL Russ Arend & John Johnson Tim & Bryar Beck Russ Arend
2nd Up The Creek Little John FCB Settle Line Red Man Settle Line Poppy Pat & Jan Robertson John Edwards Pat Moore
3rd Cotton Hill D&D's Ben Jovi FCB Cotton Hill Ben-Hur FCB D&D Leeanne Sonny Price, Tom Couch, Russ Arend Dennis Langevin, Art Moskaluk, Sonny Price Sonny Price
4th Settle Line Mick FCB Settle Line Jerry Lee II FCB Cotton Hill Raelynn John Edwards, Tom Couch, Russ Arend Dennis Langevin & Sonny Price Russ Arend
5th Mill Road Dolittle FCB Bub's A&P Dolittle FCB Sunshine Addy Curtis Griffith, Bill Laney, Russ Arend Pete Proctor Russ Arend

13" Licensed Females

Entries:06 Judges:Ron Burdett & Sonny Price Starters:06
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st FCB Steeler Town Risky Business FCB Steeler Town Spartacus FCB Steeler Town Boomin' Business Greg Feltman Niki Happel & Marty Parker Greg Feltman
2nd Walking Tall Bessie FCB Delabole Cracker Jack FCB Walking Tall Hattie J Pat & Jan Robertson Charles davis Pat Moore
3rd Raisin River Sugar Girl FCB Cotton Hill Ben-Hur FCB Settle Line Sugar Time John Edwards John Edwards Greg Feltman
4th Spring Creek Hope FCB Close Call Crisp Mark-A-Way Miss Black Greg Feltman Wayne Plemmons Greg Feltman
5th Settle Line Cookie FCB Bub's A&P Dolittle FCB Chandler Hill Lonely Teardrop John Edwards John Hill & Don Quinn Greg Feltman

15" Licensed Females

Entries:08 Judges:`Ron Burdett & Lou Amory Starters:08