Brushy Mountain License Trial
Nov. 12, 2020 - Brushy Mountain, Maiden, NC

Submitted by George Hebert

Day 1 males.  WET!!

Days 2 & 3 females clear and warm.

Thanks to all who came and entered hounds, spotted rabbits, chauffeured dogs, etc.

PURINA for feeding the hounds.

Special thanks to Junior Williams for handling the kitchen and operating the rabbit shagger.

Judges Wayne Mason, Pete Proctor, Gene Chapman, George Hebert, Billy Pope and Ben Smith.

Congratulations to Pete Proctor on finishing Field Champion Sunshine Macy.

Licensed Combined Males

Entries:6 Judges:Wayne Mason & Pete Proctor Starters:6
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Bell Road Pale Face Bub's A&P Dolittle Bell Road Patience Paul Smith Owner Owner
2nd Sunshine Lonesome Will Sunshine Lonesome Sam Sunshine Charmene George Hebert Pete Proctor Owner
3rd Run-A-Bunny Liberty Man Surefoot Samuel Sundown Liberty Ernest Williams Jr & Russ Arend Bob Connell Ernest Williams Jr
4th Cain Run Country Boy Close Call Country Boy lll Cold Hill Sweet Plum Travis & Bobby Cain John Updike Travis Cain
5th Cisco's Lover Boy Bub's A&P Dolittle Cisco's Brown Pearl Jewell Francisco Owner Travis Cain

13" Licensed Females

Entries:9 Judges:Gene Chapman & George Hebert Starters:9
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st FIELD CHAMPION SUNSHINE MACY Bub's A&P Dolittle Sunshine Mitzi Pete Proctor Owner Owner
2nd Sunshine Chantelle Logan Run Chaz Sunshine Calita Pete Proctor & Buddy Clark Owners Pete Proctor
3rd Wood Fork Clair Close Call Chaplin Wood Fork Camry O.C. Greenwood Owner Owner
4th Sunshine Chimie Sunshine Lonesome Sam Sunshine Charmene Pete Proctor Owner Owner
5th Wood Fork Chloe Close Call Chaplin Woodfork Camry O.C. Greenwood Jr. Owner Owner

15" Licensed Females

Entries:16 Judges:Billy Pope & Ben Smith Starters:16
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Sunshine Audrey Lewis' Carolina Simply Red Sunshine Ashlyn Pete Proctor Owner James Alley
2nd Amity Hill Silly Lilly Johnny B Troublemaker Mon Valley Emmet's Lilly Jennings Ford Tim Beck Owner
3rd Amity Hill Dot Amity Hill Lawmaker Amity Hill Diamond Lil Jennings Ford Owner Owner
4th Tag-A-Long Candy Girl Little Ease J D Tag-A-Long Jessica Carl Smith Jim Halley Owner
5th Arapahoe Storm Cloud Indian Trail Medicineman Mark-A-Way Supriya Ernest Williams Jr. Wayne Plemmons Owner

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