Franklin Twp Licensed Trial
Nov. 06, 2020 - Franklin Twp Beagle Club, Delmont, Pa

Thank you to all who helped make our fall licensed trial a success.  Thank you to our judges and shaggers.  Thank you to everyone who entered hounds.  Thank you to our kitchen help and everyone who brought desserts.

Special shout out to Jim Edwards who finished his male, Dry Creek Lookout!

It was great seeing everyone.

Stay healthy! 

Franklin Twp Beagle Club

James Edwards wins the 15" male class with Dry Creek Lookout who is our newest Field Champion. Congratulations!

15" Male Class Second Series and Final: L-R Dry Creek Lookout posed by Jim Edwards, K-Mac Last Chance posed by Tom McCullough, Golden Meadow Barlow posed by Mark Speicher, Twin Eagle Justin posed by Doc Rudman, L-N-L Abraham posed by Beth Alexander.

Twin Eagle Turtle Creek Quarter Back wins the 13" Male Class.

Scotch Hill Liz B wins the 13" Bitch Class

13" Bitches Second Series and Final. L-R: Scotch Hill Liz B posed by Wayne Koelsch, BK Royal LIne K-Lee posed by Ken Dworek, Sunrise Josie II posed by Jim Watson , North Star Tara posed by John Capan and Bee Lick Babbs posed by Doc Rudman and LNL Faith posed by Larn Alexander.

15" Bitches Second Series: L-R: Astrology Run Ole Bessie posed by Randy Bickerstaff, Brush Wood Molly B posed by Martin Danilchak, Astrology Run Bonnie posed by Chris Alexander, Bee Lick Boo Boo posed by Beth Alexander, Astrology Run Aretha posed by Ken Dworek and Elm View Sophie posed by Larn Alexander

Brushwood Molly B wins the 15" Bitch Class

13" Licensed Males

Entries:8 Judges:Gary Bushmire and Josh Bickerstaff Starters:8
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Twin Eagle Turtle Creek Quarter Back FCB Tim Tam Therapy FCB Bun-E-Line Larky Rand McClellan and Preston Greenawalt Preston Greenwalt Randy McClellan
2nd Black Hill Jimi FC Turtle Creek Dr. Einstein FC Run-A-Bunny Adaline John Pennington John Pennington Randy McClellan
3rd Turtle Creek Twin Eagle LIttle Shot FCB Tanglewood LIttle Big Shot FCB Dix River Renee Randy McClellan Gary E Jones Randy McClellan/Preston Greenawalt
4th Twin Eagle Samson FCB Bub's Speckle Hawk Dolan's Starz Randy McClellan Ray Dolan Randy McClellan
5th Twin Eagle Chester FCB Bk Royal LIne Boone FCB Red Oaks Bella Randy McClellan Ken/Bonnie Dworek/Jim Burak Randy McClellan

15" Licensed Males

Entries:16 Judges:Gary Bushmire and Josh Bickerstaff Starters:16
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st FC Dry Creek Look Out FC Indian Trail Lookout FC Sunshine Chastity James Edwards JA Proctor James Edwards
2nd K-Mac Last Chance FC Close Call Chaplin FC Halley's Jessica Thomas McCullough Jim Halley Thomas McCullough
3rd Golden Meadow Barlow FC Amity Hill Legion FC Del-Hart Monroe Mark Speicher Robert Hartman Mark Speicher
4th Twin Eagle Justin FC Bub's Speckle Hawk Dolan's Suzanne Randy McClellan Ray Dolan Randy McClellan
5th L-N-L Abraham FC BK Royal LIne Boone Elm View Sophie Larn Alexander Larn Alexander Beth Alexander

13" Licensed Females

Entries:14 Judges:Mark Speicher and Robert Sean Spaniel Starters:14
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Scotch Hill Liz B FC Amity Hill Legion FC Sweet Line Liz Beth Wayne Koelsch Wayne Koelsch Wayne Koelsch
2nd BK Royal LIne K-Lee Little Ease Pretty Boy Floyd Dix-River Mega Pixel Ken Dworek Melvin Work Ken Dworek
3rd Sunrise Josie II FCB Omena Robinson FCB Sunrise Blue Barb Ronald Gray and James Watson III Bobby Richardson James Watson III
4th North Star Tara J-LIne Jessie II Trout Valley Brownie John Capan Gary Trout John Capan
5th Bee Lick Babbs FCB Twin Eagle Bodacious FCB Bee Lick Heartbreaker Randy McClellan Randy McClellan Randy McClellan

15" Licensed Females

Entries:17 Judges:Mark Speicher and Thomas Czwalga Starters:17
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Brushwood Molly B FC Brushwood Razor Camel City Annie Martin Danilchak Martin Danilchak Martin Danilchak
2nd Astrology Run Ole Bessie Close Call Connor Astrology Run Stella Randy/Josh Bickerstaff Randy Bickerstaff Randy Bickerstaff
3rd Astrology Run Bonnie Brushy Fork Black Max Astrology Run Hazel Grace Randy/Brandon Bickerstaff Randy Bickerstaff Randy Bickerstaff
4th Bee Lick Boo Boo Steeler Town Spartacus Bee Lick Bamboo Ken Dworek N/A Ken Dworek
5th Elm View Sophie FC Elm View George Black BK Royal Line Bredda Larn Alexander Joe Harbulak Beth Alexander

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