Carolina Championship
Sept. 25, 2020 - CAROLINA CHAMPIONSHIP, Maiden, NC

Submitted by George Hebert

After The Clouds, Out Came The Sunshine (s)

Catawba County Beagle Club hosted the 2020 Carolinas Championship September 25&26, 2020.  Heavy rains Thursday night into Friday morning left the grounds sloppy calling for rain gear for those participating, nubby tires for the carts, and baggies for the judge's books.

Notes of appreciation go out to: Ernest Williams Jr. for handling the kitchen, Ben Smith for operating the rabbit shagger, James Alley for chauffeuring dogs to the field, our judges Raymond Brantner and Jerre Houck.  All who came and contributed to the successful completion of the trial.

Friday saw 27 females entered, six of which were called for second series as follows:

Sunshine Calypso / Steeler Town Serenade

Settle Line Cookie / Sunshine Ebony

Steeler Town Risky Business (D-2) /Cana Ridge Izzy

The high brace had a long jumping strip rabbit.  Both hounds handled well with Calypso being declared the winner.

The second brace also had a strip rabbit that went a short distance before making a hard turn on the next strip causing the hounds some difficulty. They were able to work it out and were picked up running with Cookie being declared the winner .

The third brace had a rabbit in the cover. They went a short distance before Ray and Jerre retired them from from further consideration. 

Third series was called with Steeler Town Serenade defending her position and ending the trial.

Saturday the sun came out and 17 males, the overwhelming majority being field champions were entered in their class.  First series was finished at lunch time and after a cheeseburger break second series was called:

Bub's A&P Dolittle / Tanglewood Rocky

Tanglewood Banjo / Big Oaks Ben 

Close Call Connor / English Lake Tiny 

Close Call Cato / Sunshine Huckleberry (D-6)

The first two braces had solid performances, the  third brace was flipped, effectively shutting out the fourth brace.  Rocky held his position over Banjo in third series ending the trial.

Before writing this report, I reviewed the 2016-2020 results.  Some of the noteworthy things that I found:

The 2020 winners and most consistent hound winner FC Sunshine Lonesome Sam have the same dam, NBCFC Sunshine Cry Baby.  Cry Baby pups entered in this event over the last five years have accounted for four 1st, one 3rd, one 4th, two NBQ, and two most consistent hound winners.

The last four winners of the female class and last two years most consistent hound winner were sired by NBCFC Indian Trail Lookout.

Also of note, the following hounds listed in no specific order have placed or made second series multiple times: Big Oaks Ben, Close Call Cato, Close Call Connor, Tanglewood Banjo, Logan Run Chaz, Bub's A & P Dolittle, Surefoot Samuel, Sunshine Lonesome Sam, Major Hill Miss Bessie, Chandler Hill Flaming Star, and Sunshine Calypso.  All Field Champions.

Some years before I became friends with the late Hal Huggins the old man in his direct manner told a young beagler, "Son, if you are going to win this trial (then the North Carolina Championship) you better have your dog prepared. True then, true today.

Who was that young beagler?....Well friends, he is Pete Proctor.  If you run dogs more than him, I want to meet you.

2020 Carolinas Female Winner FC Sunshine , Calypso posed by owner Pete Proctor. Calypso also won this event on 2019.

2020 Carolinas Championship Male Winner FC Bub's A & P Dolittle posed by owners Pete Proctor and James Alley.

2020 Carolinas Championship Most Consistent Hound Winner FC Sunshine Lonesome Sam posed by owner George Hebert. "Lonesome" was the Most Consistent Winner in 2019.

Sanctioned Combined Females

Entries:27 Judges:Ray Brantner & Jerre Houck Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st FC Sunshine Calypso Indian Trail Lookout Sunshine Cry Baby Pete Proctor Owner Owner
2nd Steeler Town Serenade Bare Down Slim Jim Steeler Town Solo William Feltman & Niki Happel N/A William Feltman
3rd Settle Line Cookie Bub's A&P Dolittle Chandler Hill Lonely Tear Drop John Edwards John Hill & Don Quinn Owner
4th FC Sunshine Ebony Old Friends Mr Tee Craft Creek Cameo Pete Proctor, Dennis Tressler & Fred Klasow Owners Pete Proctor
5th Steeler Town Risky Business Steeler Town Spartacus Steeler Town Boomin Business William Feltman & Niki Happel N/A William Feltman

Sanctioned Combined Males

Entries:17 Judges:Ray Brantner & Jerre Houck Starters:17
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st FC Bub's A & P Dolittle Indian Trail Medicine Man Sunshine Cry Baby James Alley and Pete Proctor Pete Proctor Pete Proctor
2nd FC Tanglewood Rocky Surefoot Samuel Mark-A-Way Shira Ernest Williams Jr. Wayne Plemmons Owner
3rd FC Tanglewood Banjo Cotton Hill Ben Hur Sunshine Cordial Tom Couch John Edwards Ernest Williams Jr.
4th FC Big Oaks Ben Big Oaks Shiloh Sweet Line Josephine Richard Sluder Mike Rowe Owner
5th FC English Lake Tiny Close Call Django Cisco's Red Gold Ernest Williams Jr. Clyde Watts Owner

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