Clark County License Trial
June 27, 2020 - Clark County Beagle Club, New Carlisle, Ohio

Clark County and Adams County held a four day license trial on June 27-30, 2020 at Clark County Beagle Club, near New Carlisle, Ohio. Entries were great, a big thank you to everyone who attended the trial. We would like to thank our judges: Diane & Sonny Price and Lisa & Tom Belcher for judging the dogs under some challenging weather conditions, like heavy rain on the first day, followed by some of the hotter days we've had so far this summer. Purina was fed to the hounds, its been awhile since a fifty pound bag didn't make it past the first night. The Beaglers meals were prepared by Louise Davis and her daughter Sherry. 

Congratulations to Richard Baumann on finishing Brushy Fork Renegade. Bob and Lynette Coil were handling him prior the pandemic and after the break he finished up by placing in all three of the trials that he was entered in.

Congratulations to all of the winners and placed hounds and we would like to invite you to our next trial that will start on August 8, a three day event.

New Field Champion Brushy Fork Renegade finished with 6 Wins and after placing 2nd

13" Licensed Females

Entries:25 Judges:Diane Price and Sonny Price Starters:25
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Steeler Town Show Business Steeler Town Spartacus Steeler Town Boomin Business Niki Happel & Marty Parker N/A Marty Parker
2nd Grass Lake Half-Step Bee Lick Braveheart Grass Lake Emmylou L.A. & D. Williams & R. Dillon N/A Danny Williams
3rd Trout Valley Coco II Surefoot Samuel Run-A-Bunny Retta Charles Raines N/A Owner
4th Sure Good Miracle Brushy Fork Black Max Cana Ridge Mattie II Robert Lamberts, Jr. N/A Owner
5th Woodlake Trina Close Call Chaplin Wood Fork Camry Rick Kindoll N/A Owner

15" Licensed Females

Entries:34 Judges:Lisa Belcher & Tom Belcher Starters:34
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Char-Line Makenna RAC Kev-Line Kenworth R and R Makenzie Lynette Coil N/A Bob & Lynette Coil
2nd Bee Lick Boo Boo Steeler Town Spartacus Bee Lick Bamboo Niki Happel & Marty Parker N/A Marty Parker
3rd Barren Run Dixie Crystal Close Call Connor Bun-E-Line Billie Jean Ray Brantner & Bob Connell N/A Bob & Lynette Coil
4th Steeler Town Nike Steeler Town Spartacus Cana Ridge Copper Niki Happel & Marty Parker N/A Marty Parker
5th Tim Tam Tripoli Tim Tam Tony Tim Tam Ticket Robert Kallmeyer N/A Bob & Lynette Coil

15" Licensed Males

Entries:15 Judges:Diane Price & Sonny Price Starters:15
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Bur Ridge Rivers Bur Ridge Wrangler Bur Ridge Roseann Jim Davis & Johnny Luttrell N/A Bob & Lynette Coil
2nd FCB BRUSHY FORK RENEGADE Brushy Fork Black Max Shur-Good Charm Richard Baumann N/A Owner
3rd Cottonwood Casey Tall Tale Tex Johnny B Abby Wilbur Molitor N/A Owner
4th Play Time Donald J Gillum's Courtyard Brando Nejan Farm Beverly John Johnson & Robert Lamberts, Jr. N/A John Johnson
5th Silverbrook Sloopy Johnny B Troublemaker Grass Lake Bonnie Tom Belcher N/A Owner

13" Licensed Males

Entries:8 Judges:Lisa Belcher & Tom Belcher Starters:8
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Cain Run Country Boy Close Call Country Boy III Cold Hill Sweet Plum Travis Cain & Robert Cain N/A Bob & Lynette Coil
2nd Crush Bub's A&P Dolittle R and R Maureen Wilbur Molitor N/A Owner
3rd Play Time Bark Twain Nottingham Black Ice Trout Valley Brownie John Johnson & Russ Arend N/A John Johnson
4th Music Rock Music Master Bushwacker Satin Don Fortkamp N/A Owner
5th English Lake Master Card Bub's A&P Dolittle Mark-A-Way Shira John Johnson & Russ Arend N/A John Johnson

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