Clearfield Beagle Club
June 06, 2020 - Tri-County Beagle Club, Carrolltown, PA

We had two sunny days and 70 entries for our license trial. 

There were smiles, joking and a good time was had by all. In attendance were Bryan Frye, Cliff Hall, Fred Eurick, Jim Halley, Robert Hartman, Gary Bushmire, Rob Stewart, Chris and Larn Alexander, Mark Speicher, John Pennington, Randy McClellan, Paul Pitman, Johnny Updike, Rick Henry, Stew and Karen West. 

How could I forget my secretary? Karen is the best "active" secretary in western Pennsylvania. Thank you very much for what all you do! 

We appreciate your support at Tri-County. Congratulations to Fred and Karen Eurick for finishing FD CH Old Friend's Mr Lee!

The judges did an outstanding job. Ran the dogs "critical" but not "negative." Denny Palko and Paul Enedy, thank you guys! It was really a good field trial. Rabbits are outstanding at Tri-County this year. 

It was such a wonderful occasion to see Tony Previte in attendance on Sunday afternoon. Tony has been such a good friend for over 45 years of my life.

See you this coming week at Tri-County on June 13 and 14; free pizza party Saturday night!

TALLY HO! Let's have some fun!

--Dave Kerr

15" Licensed Males

Entries:18 Judges:Paul Enedy & Dave Kerr, Jr. Starters:18
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st L-N-L Twix Cotton Hill Ben-Hur Scotch Hill Noodles Chris Alexander N/A Owner
2nd Three Pines Ringo Three Pines Gentle Ben Three Pines Daisy May Christopher Keenan N/A Fred & Karen Eurick
3rd Old Friends Slam Old Friends Mr Tee Highland Little Jeannie Paul Pitman N/A Bryan Frye
4th Close Line Sugar Ray Little Ease Pretty Boy Floyd Barren Run Eva Marie Cliff Hall N/A Owner
5th Elm View Rudy Black BK Royal Line Boone Elm View Sophie Joe Harbulak & Randy McClellan N/A Randy McClellan

15" Licensed Females

Entries:19 Judges:Paul Enedy & Dave Kerr, Jr. Starters:19
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Sunshine Lady Dee Dee Old Friends Mr Tee Ruppe's Lady Dillon J.A. Proctor & Jack Ruppe N/A Rob Stewart
2nd Del-Bay Sweet Honey Turtle Creek Dr Einstein Tim Tam Tattler Jerry Elliott & Preston Greenwalt N/A Rob Stewart
3rd Chug-A-Long Tootsie Amity Hill Legion Tri-Hill's Teapot Leo Shannon N/A Fred & Karen Eurick
4th Barren Run Mandy Mae Surefoot Samuel Shur-Good Mandy Raymond Brantner & Stewart West N/A Stewart West
5th Kop-Hollow Blue Arris Brushwood Day Day Kop-Hollow Blue Moon Dave Docchio & Rob Stewart N/A Rob Stewart

13" Licensed Females

Entries:17 Judges:Paul Enedy & Dennis Palko Starters:17
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st L-N-L Brandy Surefoot Little James BK Royal Line Burple Chris Alexander N/A Owner
2nd Tri-Hill's Short Tail Coyote Run Cozy Joe Tri-Hill's Talicia Fred & Karen Eurick N/A Owners
3rd Tri-Hill's Sour Treat Sourland Mt War Eagle Tri-Hill's Lemon Treat Fred & Karen Eurick N/A Owners
4th Del-Hart Gadget Amity Hill Legion Del-Hart Monroe Robert Hartman N/A Owner
5th Johnny B Black Beauty Johnny B Troublemaker Johnny B Cover Girl II Gary Bushmire N/A Owner

13" Licensed Males

Entries:16 Judges:Paul Enedy & Dennis Palko Starters:16
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Close Line Lover Boy Carolina Mr Dillon Barren Run Eva Pilgrim Bryan Frye & Cliff Hall N/A Bryan Frye
2nd Playtime Chewbarka Carolina Mr Dillon Platform Puddin Bryan Frye N/A Owner
3rd Twin Eagle Dillinger Twin Eagle Brushwood John Boy Worthy Way Darcy Randy McClellan N/A Owner
4th Old Friends Mr Lee Old Friends Mr Tee Sunshine Ciara Fred & Karen Eurick N/A Owners
5th Orchard Run Mr Bandit Nottingham Mel Nejan Farm Beverly Mervin Jetter, Jr. N/A Bryan Frye

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