Swatara Field Champion Trial
May 01, 2019 - Swatara Beagle Club, Elizabethtown, PA

Results provided by Field Trial Secretary, Don Kraly.

Swatara opened with 15 Males under Judges Dave Kerr and Randy McClellan and 23 Females under Judges Ken Backus and Jessie Foster.  We thank them for their time and evaluations.

\Weather was good, it didn't rain at Swatara. Actually the grounds were drier this year than in many of the past years, even though we had plenty of rain in this part of PA. The grounds were in good shape. Rabbits were more than adequate with limited brush beaters.

We thank Purina for feeding the trial and Mike Luchetta is here representing them.

We thank Bob Hartman for doing the kitchen for breakfast and lunch.

We miss Jerry Nessinger not being with us.  His wife Sue came Thursday with desserts and the both of them are in our thoughts and prayers.  We were sorry to hear about Sonny Price having an aneurysm and wish him a full and speedy recovery.

We thank our marshals, brush beaters, path watchers and cart drivers for getting the hounds to the field.

The Male 2nd Series was as follows:

1st Brace-Del-Hart Coffee House and Steeler Town Swagger

2nd Brace-Steeler Town Spartacus and Close Call Chaplin

3rd Brace-Old Friends Dunk and R and R McGuyver

4th Brace-Close Call Country Boy III and Sourland Mt Tee Party

The Female 2nd Series was as follows:

1st Brace-Awesome Run Makita and Sunshine Chelo

2nd Brace-Halley's Jessica and Red Oaks Bella

3rd Brace-Kop Hollow Harvest Moon and Sunshine Alena

Congratulations to the Winners and Placed hounds!  We know Ron Platt was looking down and smiling as he watched Del-Hart Coffee House run.  He was always one of Ronnie's favorites and we know how much he loved this dog.  Jim Halley was all smiles and excited as well.

Male Winner Del-Hart Coffee House

Female Winner Halley's Jessica

Sanctioned Combined Males

Entries:15 Judges:Dave Kerr and Randy McClellan Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Del-Hart Coffee House Del-Hart Buffet Valley Mill Checkmate Bob Hartman and Ron Platt N/A Mark Speicher
2nd Steeler Town Swagger J-Line Jesse Steeler Town Smooch N.Happel/A.Williams/M.Parker N/A Niki Happel
3rd Steeler Town Spartacus Cotton Hill Big Ben Steeler Town Cobalt N.Happel/A.Williams/M.Parker N/A Marty Parker
4th Close Call Chaplin Surefoot Samuel Sunshine Chastity O.C. Greenwood N/A Owner
5th Old Friends Dunk Old Friends Mr Tee Highland Little Jeannie Robert Hinkle & Joe Arditi N/A Bob and Lynette Coil

Sanctioned Combined Females

Entries:23 Judges:Ken Backus & Jessie Foster Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Halley's Jessica Little Ease Hawk Tag-A-Long Jessica James Halley N/A Owner
2nd Red Oaks Bella Tilley's Double Diamond G.F.'s Stopwatch Ken&Bonnie Dworek&Jim Burak N/A Fred&Karen Eurick
3rd Kop Hollow Harvest Moon N/A N/A Dave Docchio N/A Rob Stewart
4th Sunshine Alena Carolina Mr Dillon Sunshine Adriane Herb Welch N/A Rob Stewart
5th Awesome Run Makita Timber Grove Diesel Tag-A-Long Jolene Doug LeSight N/A Owner

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