Coraopolis License Trial
Aug. 24, 2018 - Coraopolis , Clinton, PA

Results provided by Field Trial Secretary, Ron Gray and submitted by Lynette Coil.

Coraopolis opened with 13 13" Males under Judges, Jim Davis and Ken Dworek and 18 15" Males under Butch Clay and Tim Beck.  We closed with 13 15" Females under Butch Clay and Mark Speicher and 14 13" Females under Judges Jim Davis and Richard Baumann for a total of 58 hounds.  We ran a total of 106 hounds at the East Liverpool/Corapolis Double Header.

We thank Doby Gray and her crew for the great breakfast and lunch every day.  We thank everyone who came and supported our trial, helped beat brush, our marshals, cart drivers, path watchers, etc.

Congratulations to all the Winners and Placed hounds!

13" Licensed Males

Entries:13 Judges:Jim Davis and Ken Dworek Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Sun Dell Sasquatch FC Cotton Hill Big Ben FC Steeler Town Cobalt A.J. Williams N/A Marty Parker
2nd Turtle Creek Twin Eagle Hotwire FC Charita's Mr Lucas FC Tim Tam Tidy Randy McClellan N/A Owner
3rd Twin Eagle Rip Tide FC Ocean State Hi Tide Twin Eagle Nasty Randy McClellan N/A Owner
4th Twin Eagle Gentle Ben FC Cotton Hill Ben Hur FC Dolan's Sierra Randy McClellan N/A Owner
5th Twin Eagle Bo FC Twin Eagle Bodacious FC Bee Lick Heartbreaker Randy McClellan N/A Owner

15" Licensed Males

Entries:18 Judges:Butch Clay and Tim Beck Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Johnny B Icemaker` FC Cotton Hill Ben Hur FC Johnny B Loretta Gary Bushmire N/A Owner
2nd Canadian Churchill FC Canadian CC FC Fuma's Factor P.Byrne & T.Hinkle N/A Tracy Hinkle
3rd Settle Line Jerry Lee FC Cotton Hill Ben-Hur FC Sunshine Cordial J.Johnson/R.Arend/S.Price N/A John Johnson
4th Cana Ridge Cowboy FC Dan Arts Mr James FC Cana Ridge Martie` J.Johnson/R.Arend N/A John Johnson
5th Old Friend's Slam FC Old Friend's Mr Tee FC Highland Little Jeannie J.Arditi & R. Hinkle N/A Joe Arditi

15" Licensed Females

Entries:13 Judges:Butch Clay & Mark Speicher Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Bee Lick Babbs FC Twin Eagle Bodacious FC Bee Lick Heartbreaker M.Parker & N. Happel N/A Marty Parker
2nd K-Mac Zoey FC Indian Trail Lookout FC B.K. Royal Line Burple Tom McCullough N/A Owner
3rd `Scotch Hill Avary B FC Cotton Hill Ben-Hur Scotch Hill Noodles Wayne Koelsch N/A Owner
4th Scotch Hill Bootsey B FC Johnny B Shoemaker FC Sweet Line Eliza Wayne Koelsch N/A Owner
5th B.K. Royal Line Jada II FC Carolina Mr Dillon FC B.K. Royal Line Amera Ken & Bonnie Dworek N/A Jim Watson

13" Licensed Females

Entries:14 Judges:Jim Davis and Richard Baumann Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st L N L Brandy FC Surefoot Little James FC B.K. Royal Line Burple Chris Alexander N/A Owner
2nd Gray's Dinah II FC Tilley's Little Timmy FC Lewis Carolina Sue Zee Ron & Josephine Gray N/A Ron Gray
3rd Black Hills Skylar FC Surefoot Little Man FC Steeler Town Kiss This J.Pennington & J. Capann N/A John Capan
4th Pony's Boys Chocolate Puddin FC Beltone Bubba III FC Platform Puddin M.Work/G.Gileot/M.Gileot N/A John Capan
5th Billy B Brandi FC Brushwood Razor FC Billy B Brittannia R.McClellan and B. Bushmire N/A Billy Bushmire

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