Indian License Trial
June 06, 2018 - Indian, Vale, NC

Submitted by George Hebert

Indian Beagle Club kicked off a three day double header with Lure Beagle Club under clear skies with warm temperatures.  

Judy Proctor fed the beaglers and PURINA fed the hounds.

Mickey and Lana Johnson made the long trip across the Volunteer State to help with the judging and John Kiser, Ben Smith, Paul Smith, Buddy Clark, and George Hebert also help select the winners.  Jerry Abernathy after decades of judging large classes at sanction trials, judged his first license trial at age 82.  Way to go Jerry!!

Thanks to all who entered hounds, helped shag rabbits, watched paths, told a good story and anything else to made for a good trial.

Congratulations to Pete Proctor on his new Field Champion Sunshine Addy.

Congratulations to the owners of the winning and placed hounds.

13" Licensed Females

Entries:20 Judges:Lana and Mickey Johnson Starters:19
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Sunshine Kelsey Bub's A and P Dolittle Carolina Miss Kitty Pete Proctor Owner Owner
2nd Field Champion Sunshine Addy Carolina Mr Dillon Sunshine Adriane Pete Proctor Owner Owner
3rd Run-A-Bunny Etta May Surefoot Samuel Run-A-Bunny Retta Ernest Williams Jr. Owner Owner
4th Raisin River Shady Lady Indian Trail Medicine Man Ken's Gypsy Rose Don Quinn and John Hill George Fields John Hill
5th Run-A-Bunny Mayfly Surefoot Samuel Carver's Bay May Ernest Williams Jr Owner Owner

Licensed Combined Males

Entries:12 Judges:John Kiser and Ben Smith Starters:12
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Deep River Rock II Carolina Mr Dillon Sunshine Adriane Don Phillips Pete Proctor Owner
2nd Close Call Cason Surefoot Samuel Myers Blueberry Russ Arend Wayne Myer James Alley
3rd Up The Creek Little John Settle Line Red Man Settle Line Poppy Pat and Jan Robertson John Edwards Ownership
4th Sunshine Lonesome Sam Indian Trail Lookout Sunshine Cry Baby George Hebert Pete Proctor Owner
5th Close Call Crisp Close Call Chaplin Woodwork Camry Russ Arend and James Alley O.C. Greenwood James Alley

15" Licensed Females

Entries:10 Judges:Lana and Mickey Johnson I Starters:10
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Cana Ridge Carma Lou Salt Springs Boker Cana Ridge Flirt Wayne Mason Owner Owner
2nd Terra Haven Gwyn Mon Valley Matt Dillon B Mon Valley Adalynn Rose John Kiser Tim Beck Owner
3rd Major Hill Miss Nora Bare Down Hawk Eye Tri-Hills Teapot Ben Smith Karen Eurick Shirley Smith
4th Sunshine Lady Cool Cotton Hill Ben Hur Sunshine Cordial Pete Proctor Owner Owner
5th Amity Hill Jersey Mon Valley Matt Dillon B Mon Valley Janelle Rose Jennings Ford Tim Beck Owner

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