Coraopolis Field Champion Trial
May 08, 2018 - Coraopolis, Clinton, PA

Results provided by Field Trial Secretary Ron Gray and assisted by Jim Garard.

On a beautiful sunny day Coraopolis opened with 22 Field Champion Males judged by Randy Bickerstaff and Wayne Koelsch and 34 Females under Judges Paul Enedy and Dave Kerr.  Both classes finished 1st Series before coming in for lunch.

Doby Gray, Peggy Bushmire and Dennis Tressler did breakfast and Doby and Peggy put on a great pork chop lunch with all the trimmings and dessert.  We thank them for their hard work and dedication.  Coraopolis had the club, kennels and grounds in great shape for the trial and the International.  We thank everyone who came and supported us. We thank Jim Watson and Gary Bushmire for marshaling the classes and all the brush beaters, path watchers and cart drivers.

We thank Purina for feeding the trial.  We thank Robert Hinkle in leading all the Federations with the Pledge of Allegiance.  We thank Marty Parker for doing the Auction of the Field Champions and helping Jim Watson.

Male 2nd Series

1st Brace-Grass Lake Lionheart and Old Friends Mr Tee

2nd Brace-Logan Run Chaz and  B.K. Royal Line Boone

3rd Brace-Country Chrome(D-1) and West Branch Haymaker

4th Brace-Steeler Town Swagger and Brushwood Drummer

Female 2nd Series

1st Brace-Johnny B Covergirl and Sunshine Mitzi

2nd Brace-Grass Lake Emmy Lou(D-1) and Grass Lake Prime Girl

3rd Brace-Cotton Hill Maddi Rose(D-2) and Steeler Town Sable(D-4)

4th Brace-Sunshine Consuela and D & D Polly

5th Brace-Plum Grove Sugaree and Pony's Boy's Black Fancy

Congratulations to all the Winners and Placed Hounds.  Grass Lake Lionheart is now in the lead for the Field Champions with 2 Wins, 3rd, 4th and NBQ.

Sanctioned Combined Males

Entries:22 Judges:Randy Bickerstaff and Wayne Koelsch Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Grass Lake Lionheart Bee Lick Braveheart Grass Lake Dolly Danny&L.A.Williams/Rob Dillon N/A Danny Williams
2nd Old Friends Mr Tee Bell Vue Sam L Claron Miss Paris Joe Arditi and Robert Hinkle N/A Joe Arditi
3rd Logan Run Chaz Indian Trail Medicineman Sunshine Crybaby J.A. Proctor and R. Sproul N/A Russ Arend
4th Country Chrome Surefoot Diamond Sweet Line Eliza Tom Rombold N/A Owner
5th West Branch Haymaker Bee Lick Braveheart Grass Lake Gale Tracy Hinkle N/A Owner

Sanctioned Combined Females

Entries:34 Judges:Paul Enedy and Dave Kerr Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Johnny B Covergirl Johnny B Shoemaker Johnny B Stella Gary Bushmire N/A Owner
2nd Sunshine Mitzi N/A Lewis Carolina Mitt Zee J.A. Proctor N/A Owner
3rd Sunshine Consuela Carolina Mr Dillon Sunshine Candid JAProctor/D.Tressler N/A J.A. Proctor
4th D & D Polly Cotton Hill Big Ben Dan Arts Peggy Sue Dennis Langevin and W.E. Price N/A Dennis Langevin
5th Plum Grove Sugaree N/A N/A Jim Garard N/A Owner

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