Carolina's Association Derby Winner's Stake

Submitted by George Hebert from results provide by secretary Dwight Miller

Sunny skys accompanied with cool breezes greeted beaglers from both the Carolinas for their Derby Winner's Stake hosted by Catawba County Beagle Club.

The grounds were in great shape after a couple days of heavy rains and rabbits came easy.

Notes of appreciation go out to the following individuals:

President Ernest Williams Jr. for mowing the grounds, fixing breakfast, getting lunch, presiding over the business meeting, and field marshalling.

Secretary Dwight Miller for taking entries, doing the paperwork paying the bills, and shagging rabbits.

Vice President John Kiser for recruiting the judges and chauffeuring hounds and their handlers.

Judges Jerry Abernathy, Greg Feltman, and Wayne Plemmons for sorting out the winners. 

The "WE TEAM" of every body else who did what was necessary to make our event an enjoyable Saturday.

Sixth place hounds:

13" Class:  Bud-D-Line Elena     Carolina Mr Dillon X Bud-D-Line Emma  Buddy Clark, owner/handler

15" Class:.  Run-A-Bunny Fudgy   Close Call Cato  X  Sunshine Chanter  Ernest Williams Jr, owner/ handler.

13" Combined Class

Entries:15 Judges:Greg Feltman and Wayne Plemmons Starters:15
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Settle Line Gabby Cotton Hill Ben-Hur Settle Line Sugar Time John Edwards N/A Owner
2nd Terra Haven Brenda B Mon Valley Matt Dillon B Mon Valley Adalynn Rose John Kiser N/A Owner
3rd Up The Creek Cherry Vanilla Up The Creek Big Easy Walking Tall Bessie Pat and Jan Robertson N/A Owners
4th Bud-D-Line Erin Bub's A & P Dolittle Bud-D-Line Emma Buddy Clark N/A Owner
5th Sunshine Chelo Carolina Mr Dillon Sunshine Cheree Pete Proctor and Buddy Clark N/A James Alley

15" Combined Class

Entries:12 Judges:Greg Feltman and Jerry Abernathy Starters:12
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Bell Road Patience Close Call Cato Sunshine Chanter Paul Smith N/A Owner
2nd Cana Ridge Carma Lou Salt Springs Boker Cana Ridge Flirt Wayne Mason N/A Owner
3rd Bub's Special Edition Bub's A & P Dolittle Bud-D-Line Emma James Alley N/A Owner
4th Settle Line Ginger Snap Indian Trail Lookout Terra Haven Annie John Edwards N/A Owner
5th Terra Haven Gwyn Mon Valley Matt Dillon B Mon Valley Adalynn Rose John Kiser N/A Owner

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