Midwestern Derby Results
March 24, 2018 - Midwestern at Bluegrass, LaGrange, Kentucky

Results provided by Secretary, Jim Garard.

We thank Bluegrass for stepping up to the plate and helping Rolling Fork so they could run the Field Champions and Midwestern.  There were plenty of rabbits and appreciate those who came early to get ready.

We opened with 20 13" Derby Females under Judges Gary Bushmire and Jennings Ford and 17 13" Males under Judges Al Janak and Mickey Johnson.  We closed with 29 15" Males under Judges Jennings Ford and Mickey Johnson and 20 15" Females under Judges Gary Bushmire and Al Janak for a total of 86 Derbies.

We thank Purina for feeding the Midwestern and Mike Luchetta stayed til Monday.

We thank Debbie Slaughter for breakfast and lunch every day.  Once again she and her crew went above and beyond with the banquet on Saturday night.  She never ceases to amaze us. She appreciated Lana Johnson's help every day.

We thank everyone who came and supported us. You patience and understanding helped have a successful Midwestern despite the weather.  We've had it all from the start; snow, rain, sleet, more snow and rain.  The derbies  were definitely challenged.

We thank our Marshal's, Travis Cain, Max Steffen, Tom Rombold, Jim Davis, Richard Baumann, Marty Parker, path watchers, brush beaters, and cart drivers. Between rain and snow, rabbit shagger was not used and thank everyone who helped beat brush.

Congratulations to all the Winners and Placed hounds!

2019 elected Judges are John Edwards, Dale Pliscott, Joel Davis and L.A. Williams.

Turtle Creek Tracket Wins 13" Derby Females, Bob Connell, Herb Welch Owner

Sunshine Addy 15" Female Derby Winner, Pete Proctor

Coyote Run Cozy Joe, Handlers Fred and Karen Eurick, Don Hilner, Owner

13" Male Derby Winner, R and R McGuyver, Owners, Shawn and Steve Redmon

13" Derby Females

Entries:20 Judges:Gary Bushmire and Jennings Ford Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Turtle Creek Tracket Tim Tam Therapy Tim Tam Trackit Herb Welch N/A Bob Connell
2nd Canadian Meadow Canadian CC Canadian Buttons Phil Byrne N/A Owner
3rd Sunshine Charmene Old Friends Mr Tee Sunshine Ciara Pete Proctor N/A Owner
4th Tall Tale Eve Tall Tale Festus Titan Town Erica Al Janak N/A Owner
5th M-R's Miss Bella Bee Lick Braveheart M-R's Miss Zeva Max Steffen N/A Owner

13" Derby Males

Entries:17 Judges:Al Janak and Mickey Johnson Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st R and R McGuyver Penbrook One Spot R and R Mia Shawn and Steve Redmon N/A Shawn Redmon
2nd Twin Eagle Dr John Turtle Creek Dr Einstein Black Hill Skylar Randy McClellan N/A Owner
3rd Turtle Creek Twin Eagle Hotwire Charitas Mr Lucas Tim Tam Tidy Preston Greenwalt&Randy McClellan N/A Randy McClellan
4th Nottingham Slick Willie Tilley's Little Timmy Scotch Hill Eliza Bryan Frye and Joel Davis N/A Joel Davis
5th Char-Ron Danny Boy Omena Robinson Plum Grove Suzie Q Ron Milton N/A Gabe Posnahski

15" Derby Females

Entries:20 Judges:Al Janak and Gary Bushmire Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Sunshine Addy Carolina Mr Dillon Sunshine Adriane Pete Proctor N/A Owner
2nd Paycheck Maggie Bee Lick Prime Time M-R's Miss Sherie Jim and Dan Nixon N/A Jim Nixon
3rd Bee Lick Babbs Twin Eagle Bodacious Bee Lick Heartbreaker Marty Parker & Niki Happel N/A Niki Happel
4th Chandler Hill Kelly Ann Cotton Hill Ben Hur Settle Line Sugar Time John Hill & Don Quinn N/A John Hill
5th Hi-Point Shadow Beech Grove Little John Hi-Point Pepper Max Scott N/A Bob and Lynette Coil

15" Derby Males

Entries:29 Judges:Jennings Ford and Mickey Johnson Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Coyote Run Cozy Joe Carolina Mr Dillon BK Royal Line Amera Donald Hilner N/A Fred and Karen Eurick
2nd Sun-Dell Senator Steeler Town Swagger Steeler Town Cobalt Alfie Williams and Mike Zimmerman N/A Mike Zimmerman
3rd Sun-Dell Shazier Cotton Hill Big Ben Steeler Town Cobalt A.Williams/M.Parker/N.Happel N/A Alfie Williams
4th Conewago Mtn Quarterback Tim Tam Therapy Bun-E-Line Larky Jerre Houck N/A Fred and Karen Eurick
5th Steeler Town Spartacus Cotton Hill Big Ben Steeler Town Cobalt A.Williams/M.Parker/N.Happel N/A Alfie Williams

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