Rolling Fork Field Champion Trial
March 24, 2018 - Rolling Fork @ Bluegrass, LaGrange, Kentucky

Results provided by Field Trial Secretary, Bob Kimber.

We thank Bluegrass for all their help and support in bailing us out of an Emergency situation so the Field Champion trial and Midwestern could go on.  They have done a lot of work to make it all happen and their be help and support is outstanding.

We had 19 Male Champions under Judges Gary Bushmire and Al Janak; and 43 Females under Judges Mickey Johnson and Jennings Ford.  We thank everyone who came and supported us.

We thank Purina and Mike Luchetta for feeding the trial.  We thank Debbie Slaughter and her helpers for doing breakfast,and lunch and supper.  We thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

The following are the Male and Female 2nd Series:


1st Brace-Tall Tale Hope and Burr Oak Miss Scarlet

2nd Brace-Tall Tale Pocohontas and Halley's Chrystal

3rd Brace Ruppes Lady Dillon and Burr Oak Sweet Charlotte

4th Brace-Craft Creek Cameo and B.K. Royal Line Bindi

5th Brace-Steeler Town Cobalt and Halley's Blue Bonnet


1st Brace-Grass Lake Lion Heart and Ruppes Super Dillon

2nd Brace-Old Friends Mr. Tee and Bub's Speckle Hawk

3rd Brace-Johnsons Hard Copy and Country Chrome

4th Brace-Bub's A &P Major and Bee Lick Braveheart

We thank our Marshal's, Marty Parker, Max Steffen and Alfie Williams, brush beaters, path watchers and cart drivers.

Congratulations to the Winners and Placed hounds.

Grass Lake Lionheart won the Field Champion Males, Danny Williams

Tall Tale Hope Won the Female Field Champions, Al Janak

Sanctioned Combined Males

Entries:19 Judges:Al Janak and Gary Bushmire Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Grass Lake Lionheart Bee Lick Braveheart Grass Lake Dolly Danny&L.A.Williams/Rob Dillon N/A Danny Williams
2nd Ruppes Super Dillon Carolina Mr Dillon Walking Tall Hattie J Greg Marsh N/A Greg Marsh
3rd Old Friends Mr. Tee Bell But Sam L Claron Miss Paris Robert Hinkle and Joe Arditi N/A Robert Hinkle
4th Bub's Speckle Hawk Indian Trail Medicineman Logan Run Ashley James Alley and Russ Arend N/A J A Proctor
5th Johnson's Hard Copy Tilley's Eli Big D Barbara Mickey Johnson N/A Mickey Johnson

Sanctioned Combined Females

Entries:43 Judges:Mickey Johnson and Jennings Ford Starters:N/A
Place Hound Sire Dam Owner Breeder Handler
1st Tall Tale Hope Saltsprings Bronson Tall Tale Patience Al Janak N/A Bobby Richardson
2nd Burr Oak Miss Scarlet Troy Pine Willie Burr Oak Black Velvet Patrick Boyle N/A Patrick Boyle
3rd Craft Creek Cameo Carolina Mr Dillon Walking Tall Hattie J JAProctor/D.Tressler/F.Kalsow N/A J.A.Proctor
4th B.K. Royal Line Bindy Johnny B Moneymaker Billy B Folshaf Sue Bonnie&Ken Dworek N/A Butch Clay
5th Steeler Town Cobalt Bee Lick Braveheart Steeler Town Copper Niki Happel& Marty Parker N/A Niki Happel

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