Latest Update Prayers Needed for George Hebert
Feb. 09, 2021

Article by Lynette Coil

They took the breathing tube out this afternoon. He's doing well breathing on his own. He's weak and groggy but it seems he's making progress. Still in ICU.

George's surgery went well. They removed pus from lung. Lung reinflated He is on a ventilator and will be for 48 hours starting around 5 yesterday. He has two chest tubes for draining. Doctors are very optimistic. I haven't seen him yet this morning.

The latest is they transferred George to UNC hospital in Chapel Hill.  Virginia (their daughter) and I are on our way to Chapel Hill. George was transferred last night and will have surgery on lung around noon today. Talked to the doctor and she was very positive and upbeat. If all goes well he will be there about a week.

Another problem has arose.  George's lungs can't hold oxygen so surgery can't be done.  Pete talked to Shirley yesterday am and they couldn't do George's surgery yesterday. He has a chest tube in and they are awaiting a bed to open up at Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem or at Duke Hospital in Durham to transfer him.

His home address 

1321 18th Ave NE

Hickory NC  28601

George is such an important part of beagling in North Carolina and I'm sure he and Shirley would welcome cards and most importantly prayers for his recovery.  We thank Judy Proctor for sending us the update.

George Hebert from Catawba County, Indian and Brushy Mountain is in the hospital in Hickory, NC.  He was going in for back surgery when another problem arose, which was an infection in his lung.  He will now have surgery on his lung and prayers would definitely be appreciated.  George has been a big asset to the North Carolina clubs and does all their paperwork and drawings.  His wife, Shirley is with him and our thoughts and prayers are with both of them for a successful surgery and full recovery on this problem; so he can move on and get his back surgery for a successful operation.  Here's an Angel of Healing--

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