ABBA/Purina Award
April 29, 2021

Article by Lynette Coil

There has been alot of questions in regard to the ABBA/Purina Awards and we hope this clarifies the process.  The Awards are being done as in the past when it was the Purina Awards.  

There will be one overall Field Champion Award, one overall Derby Award and the Futurity Class Winners, 13" Male, 15" Male, 13" Female and 15" Female and one of those will be the Overall Outstanding Beagle Winner.   The dog with at least one win and the most points in their class will be the overall winner.  The only thing that has changed is we are using the point system versus just wins and places.  You will need at least one Win and the most points to be in contention in the class you have chosen to run in.  Whatever class you have chose to run in is where the wins and points will be totaled whether 13"M, 15"M, 13"F and 15"F.  You can't run in two different classes and combine points or wins.  All AKC Rules apply, whether a license trial, sanction trial, or federation trial.  We wish everyone luck and hope to see you at the remaining three federations.

At this point, we still haven't determined the amounts for the Award Winners, as we are still receiving donations and we appreciate all the support we are getting so we can continue with the Awards.  Once this has been finalized we will let you know.

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