Update on Bob Coil
Nov. 09, 2020

Article by Lynette Coil

The heart cath was done Monday morning, 11/9, and they put in a stent as there was an 80% blockage. This was done thru the wrist and will now be on a blood thinner.  Again, thank you for the prayers, calls, texts and cards.  We've gotten thru the first obstacle.

We thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, calls, texts and your help and concern.

The latest is the internal bleeding has stopped and the kidneys are improving. We've gone from 20% to 60% as of today. They have done catscan on kidneys and will do one on heart to see what problem is.  He had stents put in about 10 years ago so is that the problem, we don't know yet.  He did have a heart attack, will need prostrate surgery so catheter can be removed.  Want to do endoscopy, but can't due to heart. They think there may be an ulcer in stomach or esophagus, which could have contributed to the internal bleeding.  Blood pressure has been good, but sugar is up and down.

Thank you all and please keep praying.

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