Pearls of Wisdom for those Sole Workers at a Beagle Club
July 18, 2019

Article by Lynette Coil

For many of us who go alone to the Beagle Club to work; here is a lesson to learn from and we are glad John is safe and took the action he did.

I  had an exciting evening. Went to beagle club this afternoon to cut strips. When I got there, I noticed charger for golf cart at the door with a weed eater. Both out of place. I called members that might have moved them, and no one knew about this.

Went ahead and cut strips and when I got ready to leave, noticed a garbage bag on back porch of club house. So I get out and put it in my truck. Looked in club house, a few things were out of place.

Went to supper, the events kept bothering me. I saw 2 deputies and stopped and told them that I thought someone was in club house.

Eventually 8 deputies and 2 K9’s forced 2 white trash hoodlums out.

They probably had been there for a week or more. They’re in jail now.

Thank God, they didn’t hit me in the head and kill me.

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