R and R McGuyver Finishes at Sturgeon Creek
Sept. 19, 2018

Article by Lynette Coil

Congratulations Owners and Breeders Shawn and Steve Redmon and Handlers, Bob and Lynette Coil on New Field Champion R and R McGuyver!  

Sturgeon Creek closed their Male Class with 11 hounds under Judges, Tom Belcher and Lisa Woodward.  We were done by lunch and the Sturgeon Creek Kitchen Crew had snacks out and a great lunch was served.

The Judges had called back 6 Males for 2nd Series as follows:

1st Brace-Duncan Creek Alvin and R and R McGuyver

2nd Brace-Up The Creek Trapper John(D-1) and Breath Taker Brock

3rd Brace-Tim Tam Tony(D-2) and Jordon Lee

The high brace was turned and the 3rd brace was moved under them so 3rd Series was Duncan Creek Alvin and Tim Tam Tony and that was Field Trial!

R and R McGuyver had 5 Wins and needed .17 for his championship title.  I guess he decided he would go out in a blaze of glory with the win so there would be no doubt that he was a Field Champion and finished with 6 Wins.  R and R McGuyver had won 2 Federations, placed 2nd at the International, won the Winnerstake and again was back 2nd and turned the high dog.  He didn't miss 2nd Series very often and as proven, can win from the front or back.  It has been a real pleasure watching him mature throughout his Derby year and made the 9th Field Champion for Bob and Lynette.  He has really proved what a Field Champion he has become and earned.

R and R McGuyver is sired by Penbrook One Spot an d his dam is R and R Mia.  Shawn and Steve Redmon have a powerful bitch line.

Congratulations One And All and May You Have Continued Success and Good Health!


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