R and R Monique Finishes at Ottawa River
Sept. 08, 2018

Article by Lynette Coil

Congratulations Owners, Shawn and Steve Redmon and Handlers, Bob and Lynette Coil on New Field Champion R and R Monique!

Ottawa River closed with 12 13" Females and 13 15" Females.  The 13" Females were run to completion and after lunch we ran the 15" Females.  It was a very hot and humid weekend and running was tough.  Judges Ken (Red Fox) Geradot and Bart Hofherr called back 6 girls for 2nd Series as follows:

1st Brace-Trout Valley Brownie and R and R Monique

2nd Brace-Caston's Little Nugget and Gillum's Courtyard Charm

3rd Brace-Woodlake Kaitlyn and Twin Oaks Timmie Mai

The high brace was turned and the rest stayed the same.  R and R Monique finished with 4 Wins.  This was the first year at the Federations that Derbies were allowed 1 Win and up to 40 points to go towards their championship title, which Monique made that requirement and then some.  Monique won 3 Federations, got 2 4th's and sure didn't miss 2nd Series in the Federations or very often during her license trial campaign.  She always tried to give you her best; and could run and win not only on the front but could beat you from the back.  She would just keep coming and coming.  She has been an absolute pleasure to work and campaign.  We are all very proud and happy of R and R Monique.  Watching her mature and grow through her derby year has been very memorable.  We thank Shawn and Steve for their support and dedication.

R and R Monique is sired by Steeler Town Swagger and her dam is R and R Mattie and once again Shawn and Steve Redmon are the Breeders.  Their females are certainly showing what they are made of.

Congratulations and May You Have Continued Success and Good Health!

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New Field Champion R And R Monique Finishes With 4 Wins


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