Teter Creek Lucky Charm Finishes
Oct. 04, 2018

Article by Larry Lee

Congratulations Francis Teter

Another notch on his belt, another line on the pedigree filled in red and another step fulfilled in his breeding program. However, most importantly that special lady is smiling again in the great beyond.

We are talking about Francis Teter, his breeding program and his goals. But most importantly his mother. The story unfolds like this.

However, first We have to congratulate Francis. His bitch, Teter Creek Lucky Charm finished for her championship last Friday. She won the fifteen inch female class during the West Michigan trial. She had three wins and 105 points going into the trial. Therefore, she needed to win the trial to finish. She did just that as there were 20 hounds entered in the class. She was named high hound for second series when she tattooed a rabbit with an excellent performance down a path. She did the same on another path in second series. The second placed hound locked her in and the trial was history and Lucky Charm is a field champion.

Francis’s mother enters into the picture this way. Just previous to her death in 2011 he took her advise and named Lucky Charm’s mother, Lucky Lady. The day before she passed away she mentioned to him what he should name the only living pup in the litter. She said if he followed her advise he would have a winner. She proved out to be right as Lucky Lady turned out to be a very good hound and a field champion.

Lucky Lady was bred to Field Champion Omena Robinson and three hounds out of the litter including Lucky Charm have finished. The others are Omena Pepper and Field Champion Duncan Creek Andy. Lucky Lady was bred to her brother, Duncan Creek Andy and that is where Lucky Charm came from. Francis said, “I knew she was a good one from the moment she started.

Francis has three other hounds from his bitch line that he is working with at the present time that he has high hopes for. One, called Teter Creek Dana has two wins.  He hasn’t decided what the next step in his breeding program will be.

Francis is Grounds Chairman at Red Ceder Beagle Club. He and other club members are trying to establish Red Ceder as one of the pillar beagle clubs in Michigan.

Francis would like to thank handler, Jim Garard for doing such a fine job handling his dogs.

Congratulation Francis Teter for finishing Field Champion Teter Creek Lucky Charm. 

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Francis Teter posing Field Champion Teter Creek Lucky Charm


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