Location Change for Midwestern
March 19, 2018

Article by Lynette Coil

It is with great regret that we must move the Field Champion Trial and Midwestern from Rolling Fork Beagle Club to Bluegrass.  Rolling Fork has worked very hard but another predator issue has evolved, which makes it necessary to change our location to Bluegrass Beagle Club.  We thank Bluegrass for helping us out and opening their grounds and club to hold our event.  Bluegrass is about an hour and 15 mins from Rolling Fork/Elizabethtown.  The Bluegrass address is 2500 Elder Park Rd.,(Route 2856) LaGrange, KY.  Interstate 71 to Exit 18, Buckner, KY  At ramp go south approximately 1/4 mile to Elder Park Rd and turn left.  Go one (1) mile to Bluegrass Beagle Club on right.

AKC/Mel Stewart has been notified and approved the move and drawing to be at Bluegrass Beagle Club in Buckner, Kentucky.  We realize there may be a kennel issue and Rolling Fork is open to anybody who wants to stay there, kennel dogs, etc.  We will have dog food at both locations.  We also ask that the locals please not bring their whole kennel to Bluegrass to not only feed but take up kennels.  Kennels may be an issue.  Everything will go as planned as far as the itinerary and drawing; it will just be at Bluegrass.  We will have someone at Rolling Fork in case someone comes in and will wait at Bluegrass so everyone can run.  They can call Bluegrass and let us know to proceed or that someone is on their way.  We thank each and everyone for their cooperation and patience in this matter.

If you choose to cancel reservation and move to motel in LaGrange, Kentucky the motels there are Super 8, 502-225-9778 ask for Bluegrass Beagle Club Rate and my understanding is $89 + tax if you stay for 5 nights.  There is also Quality Suites, Best Western, Ramada and there are others in surrounding areas such as Shelbyville (Red Roof has a good rate) and is about a half hour from Bluegrass, there's Louisville, etc.  Bluegrass has a bunk room and those that had a bunk reserved at Rolling Fork are the first to be transferred.

We are trying to make this as painless as possible and if we all work together, the show will come off just fine.  Thank You for your cooperation and we are truly sorry for any inconvenience.  We thank Rolling Fork for all their hard work the past year and thank Bluegrass for stepping up and helping us out.

Lynette Coil and Jim Garard


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