Cheer, Sunshine and Prayers for Charles Goggin
March 17, 2018

Article by Lynette Coil

We thank John Lamkemeyer (Honest John) for notifying us on Charles Goggin's health.  They have been friends for years and Charles took John under his wing many moons ago.  I imagine one would say Charles was his mentor and teacher through the years.

Last Wednesday, March 14 Charles was admitted to the hospital and after numerous tests, he was released to go home.  Unfortunately he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and nothing can be done.  His daughter, Sharon was with him.  Charles is 87 years old and has definitely made an impact not only to our sport, but anything he undertook; he did with his all.

As many of you know, Charles Goggin is from Missouri and the home of Triple G Beagles.  He was in beagling in his 20's and has always been instrumental to Eastern Missouri Beagle Club.  He has been Field Trial Secretary, President and Vice President for the last 20+ years.  In 1988 he was inducted into the Brace Beagling Hall of Fame.  Many of us were in Pittsburgh and witnessed him receiving this great honor; and of course, his wife and best friend, Ruth was by his side.  In 1992 Charles and Ruth Goggin received the Breeder Hall of Fame Award.  Also in 1992 and 1993 he served as President of the Southern.  Charles and Ruth supported beagling on all levels and their Triple G Beagles were a force to reckon with.  They supported license trials, sanction trials, the associations and the federations.  In 2014 Charles came to the Midwestern at Rolling Fork and received the Producing Dam Award for Triple G Nessa.  There are definitely many years of memories, stories and good times in the last 60+ years and he has had quite a saga.

I am sure Charles would love to hear from his friends and it would bring him a ray of sunshine and cheer.  Cards can be sent to him at 199 Lakewood Dr.; Troy, MO  63379.  His cell phone number is(636)-290-8432

As the Midwestern starts on Friday with the Field Champions, we fondly remember Charles and his stories and jokes.  You are definitely in our thoughts and prayers.  Thank You for all your blessings and lessons through the years.  You have been a great friend and a true treasure!


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