Southern Mich Hall of Fame Trial
June 04, 2018

Article by Milly Wiliams

2018 Results of Southern Michigan Hall of Fame and National Qualifying Trial

What a great time we had at our trial. We could have not asked for better weather, dogs and judges. We had beaglers, judges, friends and family come from West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan. We appreciated the support of everyone that came out, as this is always a fun trial.

Friday we welcomed the incoming guests with New York Strip Steak supper, salad and baked potatoes. Before and after the beaglers took to the field to run or watch some dogs.

The Michigan weather was in low 70’s on Saturday partially sunny with no rain. The entries closed at 8:00 with 34 starters running only one class; we were up two dogs from last year.We want to thank our Judges Bob Kimber and Tom Belcher for the outstanding job they did!  Thanks to the field marshals L.A. Williams and Rob Dillon at keeping the trial moving with the assisting gallery.  The trial stopped at 12:30 for lunch and took to the field afterwards to finish first series, coming in for a break before second series.  We had plenty of rabbits, and they came quickly for each brace.

We would like to thank our members and friends that contributed to make this trial a success.Also for preparing dishes to serve with our traditional wild game lunch.  This year we served Italian Moose Meatballs, Turkey potpie, Buffalo Steak, Smoked Boar, Fried Rabbit, Turkey Stir-fry, Marinated Duck, Fried Pheasant, Cajun Crappy, Walnut Crusted Walleye, Salmon loaf, Turtle Soup, Fried Squirrel, Venison Meatloaf, Venison Goulash, and Bear Roast.  The side dishes was grape salad, deviled eggs, cucumber salad, toss salad, pies, cake, fruit salad, cheese crackers and smoked turkey sausage.  We want to thank the kitchen crew, both members and non-members, who helped in the kitchen.

First series finished and came in to call second series and five braces went back out.

Second Series: 1. Sundell Senator, 2. Yellow Sand RD, 3. Steeler town Shadow, 4. Cana Ridge Copper, 5. Old Style Stella 6. Hi-Point Lady Bandit, 7. Grass Lake Lionheart, 8. Zimmys Country Moses, 9. Beelick Brave Lady and 10. Yellow Sand Wally

They finished as follows

1. Grass Lake Lionheart, 2. Zimmys Country Moses, 3. Beelick Brave Lady, 4. Yellow Sand Wally and NBQ Old Style Stella

Thanks again for all that came to the trial.We hope everyone had a good time and come back next year!

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Southern Michigan 2018 Second Series Hall of Fame Trial and National Qualifying Trial


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