Trout Valley Cana Girl Finishes at Wolverine
Aug. 21, 2018

Article by Lynette Coil

Congratulations Owner, Gary Trout and Handlers, Bob and Lynette Coil on New Field Champion Trout Valley Cana Girl! Wolverine had a total of 53 hounds for their trial.  The Judges called back 6 Females for 2nd Series as follows:

1st Brace-Trout Valley Cana Girl and M-R's Miss Bella

2nd Brace-Grass Lake Cherry(D-2) and Gillum's Courtyard Pepsi(D-1)

3rd Brace-Grass Lake Audrey and R and R Mallory

Once 2nd Series was completed and everything ran, that was field trial and we all had a great lunch and dessert by Mary Ann White and Linda Hawk.

Trout Valley Cana Girl had 6 Wins and needed under 7 points for her championship.  Once again, Cana Girl went out with her 7th Win and to be remembered as truly special champion.  This female finished with the most wins Gary has ever owned and was very happy and proud of his new field champion, as were her handlers.  Cana Girl did not miss 2nd Series very often and always tried to give you her best.

Trout Valley Cana Girl is sired by Tilley's Little Timmy and Cana Ridge Mattie II and Morris Simpson was the Breeder.

Congratulations One and All and May You Have Continued Success and Good Health!

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New Field Champion Trout Valley Cana Girl Finishes With 7 Wins


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