Thank you and Update from Ken Dworek
Sept. 25, 2017

Article by Sharon Diable

Ken Dworek was taken from the field during Spring Church's UBC trial with chest pains. Bones Clark took him to the hospital.  Please keep him in your prayers.  

It has been confirmed that Ken did have a heart attack. He will be in the Indiana Hospital until at least Tuesday.  He had emergency procedue to have a stent put in.  Possibly will need a defibrillator.  He is stable but certainly needs everyone's prayers. 

UPDATE FROM KEN:   "I enjoyed everyone's concern and well wishes so very much and it is beautiful and encouraging to hear from everyone. What a "big lift" at time when needed. For the update: In the hospital last Sunday ((17th) and out on Tuesday. Able to resume activities in 48 to 72 hours. Stent put in and didn't need to wear a fibrillator vest, so that was a good sign. Bonnie is making me take it easy, had to cancel out of a few things and will take it easy at the trials until at least my cardio appt. in two weeks. Two other doctor appts in the meantime. Again, my sincere thanks for everyones concern and well wishes."   Ken

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