Update on Gail Lesight
Oct. 01, 2017

Article by Lynette Coil

Our thoughts and prayers are with Doug and Gail Lesight.  We thank Doug for updating his friends in regard to his lovely wife's status.

Doug Lesight's wife Gail is currently battling lung cancer. She had won the battle with oral cancer back in 2010 but suffered from radiation damage to her jaw. Gail had her jaw bone replaced by a bone from her leg in 2015. The operation was successful but she never regained total recovery. Just recently Gail was diagnosed unexpectedly with lung cancer.She has received radiation and two doses of chemo. The chemo was too much for Gail. She is faced with extreme fatigue. Gail is currently receiving fluid treatments to keep her blood pressure up. Luckily Gail does not have any pain or nausea or any other side effects. The doctor recommends that she not receive any further chemo treatments. Doug and Gail will be married 49 years on October 5th.


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