Federation Licensed Derby Trials
Dec. 22, 2017

Article by Lynette Coil

The following is the ABBA Newsletter in regard to Federations Licensed Derby Trials that will take place in 2018.  We hope this helps the brace beagling community to understand the Licensed Federation Derby Trials criteria.


This is a MUST READ if you are a dedicated Brace Beagler!

The one idea that surfaced as the best possibility to help maintain and possibly increase entries at our trials was “Licensed Federation Derby Trials”. The concept is simple enough. If licensed Federation Derby Trials encourage beaglers to breed as many or more litters, as they have been, then we should experience some positive spin off: 1) as many or more hounds available to train; 2) as many or more entries at the Federations; 3) ultimately new entries for the regular licensed trials; and 4) help us slow down the decline in licensed trial entries.

Now is the time to prepare. In order to be ready for licensed Federation Derby trials, we need to understand the changes to the Federation Derby trials so we don’t get caught off guard. AKC altered the mold for license trials, when the AKC invented and licensed the National Championship. Likewise, licensed Federation derby trials will not be entirely the same as regular licensed trials. So what is the same and what has changed?

Every derby must still meet each Federation’s requirements in order to be eligible to run. Don’t forget to Individually Register your derbies so they meet AKC’s eligibility requirement for Licensed Trials. AKC’s software will automatically disqualify any derby that places at a Derby Licensed trial that is not individually registered. The hound will lose its placement and the number of the entries for the class will be reduced.

Since the Licensed Derby Federations trials are only open to hounds meeting the definition of a DERBY, only one (1) Federation Licensed Derby win will count toward a hound’s Field Championship. And, likewise, only forty (40) licensed derby Federation points will count towards a hound’s Field Championship.

If a Federation licenses their Derby trial, all hounds are therefore subject to second series measurement, including any derbies that might be field champions, unless they have an official measurement card. This also entitles you to pre-measure, if you so wish. Further, because of the second series measurement requirement, unless you pre-measure, you may enter your hound in the class of your choice regardless of what class it might have previously qualified, simply because AKC Licensed trial rules take precedent over any Federation Constitution or By-Laws. Bring your hound’s complete information with you. It will be a licensed trial and you will be filling out a license trial entry blank.

We hope this letter is of help to all beaglers. And we sincerely hope everyone will get behind the Federation Derbies this year and make this a huge success. A lot of work has been done to put this in place. Please run as many derbies as you can at the Federations. We are all in this together. So let’s keep it together!

AKC has published a new rule book amended to June 2017. Listed below are some Sections you may want to familiarize yourself, in light of the upcoming Licensed Federation Derby trials:

Chapter 7, Section 1 page 10: Beagle hounds must be six months of age or over on the first day of the event. (Since our first Federation Derby trial is in March, all our derbies will be 8 plus months old –no problem).

Chapter 7, Section 2 page 10: “No hound shall be eligible to be entered in a licensed trial unless it is individually registered with the AKC…”

Chapter 7, Section 10 page 11: “A hound is not eligible to be entered or to compete in any field trial in any class if an advertised or actual Judge of that class or any member of his immediate family or household has owned, sold, held under lease, boarded, trained, or handled the hound within one year prior to the date of the field trial”.

Chapter 9, Section 1 page 14: “However, if when the entries are closed, it is found that there are fewer than six hounds of a sex eligible to compete in any class, the Field Trial Committee shall have the option of combining that class either by gender or size into a single class”.

Standard Procedures 3-A page 23, Section (1), sentence 5: “except that if there are eight or less entries in a class, all hounds in that class shall be measured before the drawing”.


Russ Arend, ABBA President

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