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Results provided by Secretary, Ernest Williams Jr.

Catawba had the club and grounds all ready for the trial. Trees around the club have been cleared and grass planted.

We opened with 10 13" Males, judged by Bryan Frye and Twiggy Welch and 17 15" Males, judged by George Fields and John Sharpe. We had 26 13" Females and 33 15" Females, judged by Bryan Frye and Twiggy Welch for a total of 86.

We thank Purina for feeding the trial.

We thank our marshals, brush beaters, path watchers and cart drivers for keeping the trial running smoothly. We thank George Hebert and Ernest Williams Jr. for doing breakfast every day. We thank everyone who came and supported us.

Congratulations Russ Arend on new Field Champion Beechgrove Mr John! Congratulations to all the Winners and Placed hounds!

13 Inch Males
Total Entries:10
  Hound Sire Dam Owner Handler Breeder
1st Place Bun-E-Line Daniel Boone FC Close Call Colt Forty-Five FC Bun-E-Line Flame Russ Arend Same Pending
3rd Place Close Call Conner FC Dan Arts Mr James FC Plains Olena Russ Arend Same Pending
4th Place Close Call Charlie Fox FC Surefoot Samuel FC Franklin's Tory Lou Russ Arend&Bob Idalski Russ Arend Pending
NBQ Caston's Red Spot FC Chandler Hill Sunshine Caston's Lady Copper Head J.Chris&Philip R Cason William Lemon Pending

15 Inch Males
Total Entries:17
  Hound Sire Dam Owner Handler Breeder
1st Place Cisco's Blue Granite FC Thunder Run Choir Boy II FC Cisco's Ugly Betty Travis Cain Bob&Lynette Coil Pending
2nd Place Bub's Boomer FC Chandler Hill Sunshine Terra Haven Karma James Alley&Charles Pope Bill Pope Pending
3rd Place Amity Hill Doc FC Mon Valley Marker B FC Sunshine Little Dolly Carl Smith Same Pending
4th Place Bell Road Shiloh FC Dan Arts Mr James FC Bell Road Princess Paul Smith Same Pending
NBQ Amity Hill Stoney FC Timber Grove Diesel FC Plains Serena H.J. Ford Jr. Same Pending

13 Inch Females
Total Entries:26
  Hound Sire Dam Owner Handler Breeder
1st Place R and R Layla FC Delabole Cracker Jack FC Sunshine Angela Shawn&Steve Redmon Bob&Lynette Coil Pending
2nd Place Major Hill Gabby NBC FC Sunshine Ronnie FC Sunshine Calamity Ben Smith Same Pending
3rd Place Settle Line Orphan Annie FC Chandler Hill Sunshine FC Settle Line Sally John Edwards Jr. Same Pending
4th Place Surefoot Juilet II FC Dan Arts Mr James Surefoot Venus II Justus M Ammons Bob&Lynette Coil Pending
NBQ Bud-D-Line Marmalade FC Delabole Cracker Jack Bud-D-Line Copper C.H. Clark Jr. Same Pending

15 Inch Females
Total Entries:33
  Hound Sire Dam Owner Handler Breeder
1st Place Terra Haven Opal FC Dan Arts Mr James FC Plains Olena John D Kiser Same Pending
2nd Place Harkey's Cherokee Blackfoot FC Close Call Cherokee III Nolichucky Persimmon Wayne Harkleroad Same Pending
3rd Place Sunshine Cameron FC Delabole Cracker Jack FC Sunshine Chiffon J.A. Proctor Same Pending
4th Place Cana Ridge Yankee Doodle FC Saltsprings Bronson FC Gillum's Courtyard Princess Wayne Mason Same Pending
NBQ Harkey's Anna Bella FC Mark-A-Way Tanner Mark-A-Way Eliza Jane Wayne Harkleroad Same Pending

Disclaimer: posts trial results for informational purposes only. Results posted should not be considered official. While puts forth the greatest possible effort to provide timely and accurate results, errors can and do occur. We are in no way liable for any damages resulting from the use of this information.

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