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Run at Catawba Beagle Club - Madien , North Carolina

By Cy Fritz, In formation supplied by Gerry Houck, Fd. Tr. Sec.

The Mid-Dixie derby classes started off with a bang. At the end of the 13" derby classes, the Federation was up 14 entries over last year. The 13" females had 64 entries. We would like to thank the handlers, the Coil's and the Eurick's, all the individuals who brought hounds, the marshals and gallery, especially in the bitch class, Catawba Beagle Club for have the grounds in great shape and Purina for feeding the hounds.The Mid Dixie Derbies were up 42 over last year which is a significant increase in hounds.

13 Inch Males
Total Entries:19-Danny Bay and Jimmy Ponder
  Hound Sire Dam Owner Handler Breeder
1st Place Steelertown Studly Close Call Carl Steelertown Starkissed Niki Happel & M. Asbury Niki Happel Pending
2nd Place Caston's Red Spot Chandler Hill Sunshine Caston's Lady Copperhead Chris & Phillip Caston Bill Lemon Pending
3rd Place Bub's A& P Dillion Surefoot Samuel Run-A-Bunny Megabit James Alley & Bill Pope Pete Proctor Pending
4th Place Game Creek Jamison Dan Art's Mr James Sweet Line Rhonda Twiggy & Mike Welch Twiggy Welch Pending
NBQ Close Call Clyde C Delabole Cracker Jack Bud-E-Line Copper Russ Arend & Tom Couch Russ Arend Pending

15 Inch Males
Total Entries:39-Jennings Ford & Cy Fritz
  Hound Sire Dam Owner Handler Breeder
1st Place Settle Line Big Red Chandler Hill Sunshine Skippers' s Nancy Drew John Edwards Same Pending
2nd Place Bay-Line Mr. Dance Man Nightstalk Tyra Bee Lick Storm Dancer Danny & Bill Bay Same Pending
3rd Place Beech Grove Mr. John Dan Art's Mr James Tilley's Big Loretta Russ Arend Same Pending
4th Place Sure Run Jazzman Dan Art's Mr James Tilley's Big Loretta Ernest Williams Same Pending
NBQ Tall Tale Tex Saltsprings Bronson Tall Tale Patience Russ Arend & Al Janak Russ Arend Pending

13 Inch Females
Total Entries:64-Jennings Ford & Cy Fritz
  Hound Sire Dam Owner Handler Breeder
1st Place Steeler Town Kisser Close Call Creeping Carl Steeler Town Smooch N. Happel & M Parker Marty Parker Pending
2nd Place Dix River Dottie Nightstalk Tyra Dix River Delight Gary Jones Same Pending
3rd Place Surefoot Marsha Dan Art's Mr James Surefoot Pixie Judd Ammons James Terracina Pending
4th Place Arapahoe War Bonnet Dan Art's Mr James Run-A-Bunny Dessa Dale Pliscott Same Pending
NBQ Sweet Line Jackie II Dan Art's Mr James Sweet Line Rhonda Mike Rowe Same Pending

15 Inch Females
Total Entries:29 Danny Bay & Jimmy Ponder
  Hound Sire Dam Owner Handler Breeder
1st Place Bell Road Dixie Dan Art's Mr James Terra Haven Giblet Paul Smith Same Pending
2nd Place Carver's Bay May Dan Art's Mr James Franklin's Linda Lou II Ted Stickell & Billy Warren Same Pending
3rd Place Tilley's Miss Nancy II Dan Art's Mr James Tilley's Big Loretta F. T. Tilley, Jr Bob & Lynette Coil Pending
4th Place Mar-A Way Pamalou Mark-A-Way Tanner Mark-A-Way Eliza Wayne Plemmons Same Pending
NBQ Logan Run Ava Indian Trial Slim Jim Logan Run Amanda Richard Sproul & Pete Proctor Same Pending

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