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By Cy Fritz, Information supplied by Geraldine Houck, Fd. Tr. Sec.

The 13" classes started the Mid-Dixie Federation Futurities Classes. The 13" classes were up 8 dogs over last year which was a good start for the Federation. Judges will be listed with the classes they judge. Thanks to PURINA for feeding the hounds.

13 Inch Males
Total Entries:18-Benny Joe Grigsby & Dale Pliscott
  Hound Sire Dam Owner Handler Breeder
1st Place Kitty Ridge Copey Myers Creeper Kitty Ridge Roseanne Russel Arend & Jim Ponder Russ Arend Pending
2nd Place Lewis' Carolina Sir James Dan Arts Mr James Aliquippa Jennie William Lewis & James Watson III James Watson III Pending
3rd Place Steeler Town Lil Ben Bee Lick Jackpot Bee Lick Mint Julep Niki & Rhet Happel and A J Williams Niki Happel Pending
4th Place Up The Creek Shucks Close Call Coy Bud-E Line Copper Jan Robertson & Russ Arend Jan Robertson Pending
NBQ Del-Hart Backsplash Del-Hart Snake Del-Hart Sitting Easy Russ Arend Same Pending

15 Inch Males
Total Entries:27 Mike Floyd & Dale Pliscott
  Hound Sire Dam Owner Handler Breeder
1st Place Cisco's Rusty Skyhook Thunder Run Choir Boy II Snell Sugar Run Skyline Jewell Franscisco Same Pending
2nd Place Little Ease Hawk Close Call C-Span Sweet Line Smoke Lass Bryan Frye Karen & Fred Eurick Pending
3rd Place Conewago Mtn Ajax Nightstalk Tyra Timber Grove Alexis Jerre Houck Chris Lehneis Pending
4th Place R. A. C. Rosco Dan Art's Keeper Seymour's Little Wildfire Dick Cantor & Kevin Price Kevin Price Pending
NBQ Muddy Creek Vinnie Indian Trail Cave Dweller Sunshine Sashay John Dove Ken Backus Pending

13 Inch Females
Total Entries:32 Mike Floyd & Jerre Houck
  Hound Sire Dam Owner Handler Breeder
1st Place Bee Lick Lauren Night Stalk Tyra Bee Lick Bacall Wayne & Marty Parker Marty Parker Pending
2nd Place Sunshine Cherish Chandler Hill Sunshine Sunshine Charity J A Proctor Same Pending
3rd Place Timber Grove Priscilla Saltsprings Bronson Timber Grove Alexis Chris Lehneis Same Pending
4th Place Deep River Monica Big Oak Blaze Mon Valley Adeline Rose Don Phillips Same Pending
NBQ Arapahoe Red Cloud Smoketown Road Red Keeper Arapahoe Cast No Shadow Dale Pliscott Bruce Prropst Pending

15 Inch Females
Total Entries:22 Benny Joe Grigsby & Jerre Houck
  Hound Sire Dam Owner Handler Breeder
1st Place Sunshine Candid Chandler Hill Sunshine Sunshine Charity J A Proctor Same Pending
2nd Place Deep River Mamma's Girl Dan Art's Mr. James Cana Ridge Beulah Don Phillips Same Pending
3rd Place Halley's Sugar Potamac Chapel Jesse Halley's Lacy Jim Halley Same Pending
4th Place Tilley's Happy Saltsprings Sledge Tilley's Molly III Richard Doan Bob & Lynette Coil Pending
NBQ Plum Grove Amber Bluffdale Jerry Bluffdale Bitsy Rodney Rost Bob & Lynette Coil Pending

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