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Hampton Roads Beagle Club, November 14-16,  2009
Run at Peninsula Beagle Club - Eden, Maryland

by Cy Fritz, Information supplied by Jim Phippin.

A successful trial was held in spite of the after effects of Hurricane Ida that hit the Eastern Shore Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The grounds were inundated with large areas of water. Needless to say the running was tough all three days. Normally these are good grounds for running, but not this time. 62 hounds answered the roll call. Bob Orlowsky and Doug Lesight did a good job of separating the hounds. As usual Jennetta Callaway and her daughter, Sinai, served those fabulous meals Peninsula is noted for. If you have never been there, the meal is worth the trip. Where else do you get crab casserole, fried chicken livers, barbecued ribs, just to mention a few entrees, choices of vegetables, salads, and more to boot. All you can eat. Then top it off with several choices of home made pies.

13 Inch Males
Total Entries:7
  Hound Sire Dam Owner Handler Breeder
1st Place Bun-E-Patch Moonstruck Del-Hart Moonwalker Pro-Line-Lady Pauline Eugene & Byron Fritz Cy Fritz Pending
2nd Place Del-hart Bootstrap Del-Hart Beefeater Del-Hart Bothersome Beulah Bob Hartman Jim Phippin Pending
3rd Place Broad Creek Little Candy Del-Hart Captain Candy Cedar Run Fancy Lady John Johnston Same Pending
4th Place Copper Head Jessie James Potomac Chapel Jessie Hall's Miss KImberly Ralph Luffman Same Pending
NBQ Del-Hart Doc Holliday Ocean State Lawbreaker Cabin Creek Piperette II Bob Hartman Jim Phippin Pending

15 Inch Males
Total Entries:12
  Hound Sire Dam Owner Handler Breeder
1st Place Conewago Mtn Cooper Canadian Smoke Nejan Farm Martha Washinto Jerre Houck Same Pending
2nd Place Timmon's Sea Tick Pledge Myer's Creeper Kerrline First Lady Richard Timmons Same Pending
3rd Place Timmon's Sea Tick Whitey Myer's Creeper Kerrline First Lady Richard Timmons Same Pending
4th Place Broad Creek High Moon Del-Hart Moon Walker Barren Run Jennefer M John Johnston & Carlton Spicer John Johnston Pending
NBQ Adios Bunny Freckles Potomac Chapel Jessie Acadian Lauren Michael McCumber Same Pending

13 Inch Females
Total Entries:25
  Hound Sire Dam Owner Handler Breeder
1st Place Tag-A-Long Mabelene Saltsprings Bronson Tag-A-Long Diamond Lil Paul Davis Same Pending
2nd Place Cold Stream Celebrity Saltsprings Bronson Greytop Josie Robert Connell & Michael Welch Irene Marciniszyn Pending
3rd Place Sweet Line Hannah Close Call C-Span Sweet Line Smoke Less Charles Rowe Same Pending
4th Place Weav-R-Run Crier Canadian Smoke Nejan Farm Martha Washington Gerald Elliot & Preston Greenwalt Gerry Elliot Pending
NBQ Sweet Line Eliza Indian Trail Cave Dweller Sweet Line Emmy Lou Charles Rowe Same Pending

15 Inch Females
Total Entries:18
  Hound Sire Dam Owner Handler Breeder
1st Place Del-Hart Casual Corner Bee-Lick Legend Barren Run Charity Wayne Blessing Robert Hartman Pending
2nd Place Parkview Leann II Del-Hart Sitting bull Parkview Linda George Parks Same Pending
3rd Place Five Fork's Tessa Brushwood Sammie Five Forks Little Lulu Bruce & Milton Brimmer Bruce Brimmer Pending
4th Place Hall's Miss Kimberly Dan Art's Mr Special Halley's Kimberly Owen Paddy Same Pending
NBQ Twin Pines Rebecca Cana Ridge Sage Twin Pine Reno Richard Timmons Robert Hartman Pending

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